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It is a very habitual error when one is the launching of a site and having as it puts the positioning Web of the same, to buy a dominion with a certain antiquity and a prestablecido organic positioning, assuming that this will give some type of advantage by on the name of dominion just registered. To buy dominions with a certain impulse as soon as traffic is not a bad idea, but Google can have some objections with respect to this. When Google indexes a page immediately compares with the versions antigas more than it keeps in his servants. The fundamental directive of Google in this point is to fight the Spam. Therefore it will arbitrate a series of tools to try to detect what content class is the one that offers each website, and if he himself can be considered like valuable by the users. For this reason there are certain details that will shoot the alarms of Google with respect to the quality of the site, and to detect if the last purpose of the page is the Spam. And one of these problematic subjects is the radical changes of content of the page Web. Google will detect extremely deep changes in the architecture of the Web being able to be in a penalty, clearing the Pagerank by which an important sum of money had been pleased, and delaying several places in the result pages.

Consequently the realised investment will have stopped the waste basket. Google also detects the changes of hosting. If the page also changes several times in a short period of time of lodging it can be considered like something negative. In himself, the change of ownership, is not reason for penalty. But what Google will see with bad eyes they are websites whose purpose is not to offer a value to the user, and whose final destiny is the interchange or the sale of links.

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To follow in the Fig.1, we will see a picture sintico where the difference is presented enters the theories of Herzberg and Maslow. Figure 1: The theories of Herzberg and Maslow. Source: VI.AS CONSULTORIAS Ahead of the great advances and the great demand of the technology professionals, the consultorias of technology are gaining more space, therefore they are if becoming an excellent partnership between the professional, company and for the customer. Since that it is made of organized form, correct and inside of the laws. The necessary professional highly to be organized, therefore the majority of the times will be contracted as P.J, where these do not possess employment bonds, having that to remain themselves and if to organize, however it will not have the rights of a professional CLT, what many times generate an instability and very great unreliability in all the involved ones.

Since she does not have employment bond can take care of some customers, but some companies exist who work in regimen of exclusiveness, disabling the attendance of some customers. In the case of the consultorias they need to have a rigorous and innovative process of election and conscription, therefore the T.I area needs many times specific professionals, making it difficult and even though delaying the delivery of the professionals in agreement the agreement. Ahead of the hundreds of consultorias that exist in the market, what it becomes different one of the other are the degree of comprometimento, responsibility, agreement and attendance in the demands. The election and the conscription of the professionals, already are started for the analysts of RH that must and highly need to be qualified, to understand and to understand the demand, thus to search the professional in the alias process, and mainly to draw all the processes: correctly divulging the description of the vacant, to make the selection of the resumes, interviews and dynamic in accordance with the profile of each vacant, and later return of the processes.

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Customer Relationship Management

the best form to leak has two approaches, the technique and the legal one. In the state of Massachusetts, for example, it has requirement of criptografar the data, so that to leak itself they are inteligveis' '. Independently of this care, the strategical manager of data has the main paper to manage strategical priorities related to the governana and management of data, beyond having responsibilities for politics, general standards of data, and to guarantee narrow contribution enters the strategy of the organization and the questions come back toward data, as well as the total tack to the national regulatory standards. In this context Manoel Dutra bes situated, that answers for the area of Governana de Dados of the HSBC Bank Brazil, institution that even left to the front creating an activity that in Brazil still is incipient, because, according to Dutra, ' ' the organizations have difficulties in perceiving that it has problems with management, quality and integrity of its data. When the organization to understand and to prioritize this question and mainly to treat its data as active, these difficulties desaparecero' '. Emphasizing the importance this professional also in public agencies, Opice Blum remembers to the quarrels of a draft bill of treatment and protection of data, that deals with the privacy in the use of data and more than demands the creation of a responsible manager for the database of companies with 200 employees (the complete text in elaboration can be found in). To these specific papers of a professional in formation in our country, Miriam Bretzke? teacher of FGV-SP and PUC-SP. Founder of the Bretzke Consultoria? she adds plus some: ' ' the manager will have the function to take care of of the brought up to date protocols of the data, to define routines of validation of entrance of new data and to increase the control of the efficient management of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), with creation of routines effective of treatment and update and verification of dados' '.

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The entrance of the person in world of the writing if of the one for the learning of all the complex involved technology in the learning of the act to read and to write. Moreover, the necessary pupil to know to make use and to become involved in the activities of reading and writing. That is, to enter in this universe of the letramento, it he needs to assume itself of the habit to search a periodical to read, of frequentar 13 revistarias, bookstores, and with this effective conviviality with the reading, to assume itself of the writing system. He is that, ahead of the precarious results that come being gotten, between us, in the initial learning of the written language, serious consequences throughout all basic education, he seems to be necessary to review the pictures and the processes of education referenciais that have predominated in our classrooms. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. In accordance with TO SOUND (1998), the extended direction of the alfabetizao, the letramento, assigns practical of reading and writing.

The entrance of the person in the world of the writing if of the one for the learning of all the complex involved technology in the learning of the act to read and to write. Moreover, the necessary pupil to know to make use and to become involved themselves in activities of reading and writing. That is, to enter in this universe of the letramento, it needs to assume itself of the habit to search a periodical to read, to frequent revistarias, bookstores, and with this effective conviviality with the reading, to assume itself of the writing system. Teberosky & Colomer (2003) has emphasized that the participation in the practical ones next to the computer creates a new type of written reading and a new, that if distanciam in some aspects of the same activities carried through in paper supports.

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Author Virginia Todeschini Borges

The citizen can assume different identities at diverse moments, that are not unified around of one ' ' eu' ' coherent. For it, was the diffusion of the consumerism that contributed for this effect of ' ' supermarket cultural' ' , where the identities seem to float freely. This globalizante trend produces the spalling of the cultural codes, characterized for the multiplicity of styles, for the emphasis in the ephemeral one, the difference and cultural pluralism. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. Some new groups have servant symbolic ways of affiliation and belonging, strengtheing themselves to redefine the meaning of the symbols for its proper ends. Author Virginia Todeschini Borges affirms that, since 1940, the new generations had always obtained to express the force of its aspirations and its ethics for the form to dress, amongst other particular characteristics? beatniks, hippies, punks, preppies, yuppies, clubbers. 3 the DRAWING OF FASHION FOR the FASHION the fashion drawing is one of the aspects most important inside of the study of design fashionable.

What we have that to know is that although to be important, and of many people almost impossible having as, the fashion drawing is yes, something that must be developed to the few and be trained, understood as a whole, so that if it can give more efficiency to the processes of industrial development of which the fashion drawing is part, that is, almost all industrial modeling. As it affirms Edwards (2000, P. 29): ' ' Many people find exactly that they do not have to enter for a course of drawing for not knowing to draw. This is equivalent to decide that of it does not have to enter for a course of Frenchman for not knowing to say to the language ' '. In this way, it considers the theory of that the ability of the drawing can be learned by if treating, in summary, of the development of the ability of comment and domain and conscience of the functions and uses of the cerebral, inherent capacities to any medium human being. .

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Andy Wachowski

They can also bring objects showing its evolution (for example: telephones fixtures of some models, cellular old and modern, with camera, technology 3G, etc) and lowered videos of the Internet. Obs: the pupils will be guided on as to search in the Internet. The addresses (URL) of some sites will be disponibilizados. The sources of the searched material must be cited (sites, links, vestibules, blogs, etc) with sights to respect the copyrights. 6 and 7 LESSONS: It will have the formation of the work groups and collective confection of the materials that will be displayed in Technological Mostra: panels with illustrative photos, news articles, etc; creation of a line of the time showing the technological evolution of the beginning of century XX (1900) until the current days, in century XIX.

Obs: The pupils, together with the teacher, will go to all record with digital machine and cellular the process of the produced work, so that ‘ ‘ antes’ ‘ either also presented in Mostra. (As opposed to David Barger ). 8 LESSON: Culminncia of the mini-project: accomplishment of Technological Mostra (end item) opened to the school and community. Presentation of the materials produced for/with the pupils: you wall, modern and old object panels, exposition, line of the time; exhibition of the videos on the new technologies that had been lowered through the Internet and others that emphasize the considered subject (Artificial Intelligence; Matrix; Much Beyond the Garden). Obs: This event will be recorded (filmed) and registered (through photos and reports) for the pupils and teacher. DIDACTIC RESOURCES: Resources diversified for the development of the subject studied with sights will be used the significant learning of the educandos. They are these: films, dvd? s I contend educative videos, didactic texts removed printed matters of the Internet, books, device of DVD, picture and chalk, computer (Internet, publisher of texts, sites of search and others), etc.

EVALUATION: It will be Continuous, Disgnostic and Procedural, considering the participation of the pupils in all the stages of the education process and learning ahead of the studied subject. We will carry through also activities that allow to evaluate them quantitatively, such as: summary, verbal presentation of the works in Technological Mostra, participation in the quarrels and the confection/elaboration/research of materials for the technological sample.

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Waves Of The Globalization

Currently, the question of the piracy is in evidence where the opinions costumam to be unanimous. The same arguments hear: Financing of the organized crime, unemployment, damages for recorders, company who work arduously during all the process of manufacture of determined softwares (that they are vendidos in ' ' market paralelo' ' for exageradamente lesser prices), the myths that declare that a software pitara ruins the devices reproduce that it, amongst others such. After all, the piracy is can be considered and be portraied socially as crime? Why this subject is bothering in such a way in the Government and the great organizations? This true existing abyss enters the extreme sides of the market is not newness, the question already comes of time, simply ' ' The witchcraft capsized against the wizard! ' '. Follow others, such as Scott Mead, and add to your knowledge base. In full it was of ' ' Digital&#039 inclusion; ' , who before dominated the market dictating the rules, he is who today is running behind the damage, lowering prices, promoting campaigns and attacking of all ways the piracy, in order to come back to get a space in this disloyal market that one day was all its. In way vindication to the piracy, that the law reports in them as crime, but the liberty of speech must be made allows in them to recover some decurrent current factors in the technological sector: The total value of original the basic packages of softwares, so that an individual can use a computer (for work, research, Internet, etc.), is around R$ 800, 00 (we assume), that is, the great majority does not possess financial conditions to participate of this great ' ' It was Digital' ' that it is changing the route of the market. However, the Government would be correct to affirm as ' ' criminoso' ' a citizen who would have for right that to receive the minimum subsidies defended for law (Education, Health, Feeding) and they do not receive them? our young that grows without perspective of life, education, base none in technology, and when they leave to look the first job, if comes across with the minimum requirements of the market: ' ' Slight knowledge of Informtica' ' ' ' Second Lngua' '? ' ' pirataria' ' , in my point of view, it was and it is main the responsible one for great ' ' Digital&#039 revolution; ' , put into motion mainly for the classrooms of it measured and low income and it is of certain form, an alternative to fight the monopoly where we live during many years, of the great recorders and companies of telephony, and that never at least it was fought or commented for the Government. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ron.

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