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To extend the schedule yes, but nonlow the simple trusteeship of the educational ones in the hall class. To extend in schedules, would mean that the spaces, physicists also extend and of participation. To what I talk about, to that recreational centers are constructed, sport and of psychological attendance. Where they coexist educational, medical, social psychologists, assistants and other tie professionals to the problematic one that we want to attack. You may find David Rogier to be a useful source of information. We do not command to the educational ones " the war with tenedor" and we create a false political speech of " more equal education to greater load horaria" , cruel depositing the responsibility of the total success of process of socialization in the educational ones and no longer in other members of the society. I meet an excellent professor Literature, described and effective, it worked in socially unfavorable a complex educative center. A day said to me I had to make to a side the best authors of world-wide Literature to teach to my students like washing to the teeth to them We see the things from this perspective, that one educational one that loves the letters, the arts or the numbers, that the ability has to receive them of meaning for its students, deserves the frustration to have to leave of side that one so it formed to take a roll that is not incumbent on to him and for which did not receive no type of preparation? Without doubts that no, do not deserve it and it does not have that way to be, because then we are limiting the knowledge of the humanity a few If we want to attack a necessity to increase the supply educative is necessary to do it very substantively, that is to say, quantitatively and qualitatively. It is important in addition to integrate to the parents and responsible adults in order to help them in the task of training his children and not only to do it by them. Add to your understanding with Christina Spade.

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Profitable Investment

Many people who have some money are eager to find something in that investing their money, something that allows them to obtain the maximum benefit. The obvious question is Which is the most profitable investment? With respect to this, all that have achieved the success and the wealth agree in the answer: the most profitable investment, the investment that produces majors fruits is the investment in same you, in its personal, professional, mental and spiritual development. In its book ‘The Power to Transform Our Lives,’ Andrew Corentt says that the best investment is that one than it allows him to generate more money. All investment done on its capacity of generation will take it to wealth to the abundance, the success and the happiness. In order to improve their capacity to generate wealth the following advice will be to him very useful: Of each entrance that you have you would have to let a part to reinvert it in its capacity to generate more money. He does not matter if that amount is small, but must leave something to nourish his mind, as well as he leaves something to nourish his body.

It reads good books. It reads books on his work area. If you Lee every day half an hour on your work area in few months or will be informed and in two or three years he will be an expert. If it reads every day by more than five years it will be an international authority in his field of work. It reads books on personal development and potential human. Besides reading on his work area, you must read on his mental capacities and potential. There are many people who are expert in their work areas, but do not achieve the success and the wealth because they never explored his capacities. The majority of millionaires who have become to themselves is not but the expert ones in their area.

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Strategic Planning

Participating (i) Module 10 Actual Coaching for the Strategic Planning and Taking of conscience of the present strategic position, search and creation of alternatives. Coaching for the Strategic Planning For the strategist, the position is an absolutely critical element in an action plan. The general who does not know where he is with respect to the enemy is, simply, taking to his men to the death. Robert B Miller and Stephen and Heiman The art of the general the word strategy comes from the Greek STRATEGUS (Stratos = army ager = conductor) Means conductor of armies. The art of the General. Stratagos was the used word to designate to the General. Strategy meant the art to prepare the troops before the combat.

In military terms, these definitions continue being valid. The strategy precedes to any tactics in a military disposition. This is equally applicable to any organization. The purpose of a good strategy is to be placed in the suitable place, the suitable moment and with the suitable resources to win. The key of a good one strategy is the position. What it really means to establish a good strategy is to do what it is possible to be placed in the best position to reach an objective or set of objectives. What we understand by Strategic Planning.

Coaching with systemic perspective is very adapted to understand and to learn to design the Strategic Planning of participating way. It constitutes part of its essence and system of learning. The approach of its processes is basic to establish it and, mainly, to apply it with valid results. We understand that the Strategic and participating Planning is the investigation, takes from conscience and possible best design of the strategy that they coordinate and they maintain high-priority actions to reach the shared vision of the organization or equipment.

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United Nations

According to You live, the Colombian guerrilla of interested in the illicit drug production and the drug traffic has stayed trim mainly in the imposition of the cultivators of cocaine and laboratories of cocaine production. She indicates that, according to a study of the DEA, the CRAF nonprocess and cocaine export to a the EE.UU. At the beginning of 1990, , a third of the income of the CRAF would have been coming from narcotics. The DEA informed the 9 into 1997 July, that the CRAF factions to collect bottoms, providing services of security to the dealers and the load of a rate by each gallon of chemical precursors, and each kilo of leaf of cocaine and cocaine HCL moves in their region. Some of these groups have helped to the narcotics traffickers by the storage and cocaine transport and marijuana in Colombia, and some units of the CRAF in Colombia they could be contracted located in the traffic of opiate. Klaus Nyholm of the Program of the United Nations of Drug Control in Colombia has taken note from which in some zones, independent fronts of the CRAF are very related to the cocaine processing and the export, whereas the fronts of the CRAF in other areas do not have that participation. Of the fronts of the CRAF that are implied, the units provide protection to the cultivators of cocaine and the dealers in exchange for a tax considered in between 10 and 15 percent of the value of the drug. Raul Kings, a high official of the CRAF, explained to Washington Post: " We are in charge of a tax. Kurt Phelps brings even more insight to the discussion.

We do not do any favor to them, and they do not do any to us. In case the economic base is the cocaine that is what the taxes not directly to the dealers, but their intermediaries. In other regions more imposing for the cattle dealers, the producers of sugar, the companies ". .

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Audits Problem

A SOS, that is the message that sends AsiInspection, the company dedicated to the Quality control and the Services of Inspection, Audit and Test of Laboratory, (www.asiainpection.es) before the avalanche in the last days of products for children coming from the Asian continent and that is dangerous for their health. Tenneco understood the implications. " The most recent case finishes taking place in EE.UU and Canada, and it could have arrived at Spain. One is more than 13 million glasses concerned by the fast company/signature of food McDonalds with the figures of the personages of the film of Sherk and that has retired of the market because the painting used in its drawings contained cadmium, a material txico" , Alex Makow, its Director for Spain and Portugal explains. " The fundamental problem in these cases is that the retirement of the market is a delayed solution. The product never must have arrived at the final consumer.

One is to propagate the virus of the quality between the importers who bring these products. These would have to contract to Test of Laboratory and Audits rigorous that they avoid that the use of dangerous substances and that they end up causing to a health problem pblica". A.B.C of the quality And it is that they lack eyes at the time of avoiding that many of the articles that finish into the hands of smallest are not detrimental for them. " The problem is that when we are consuming not always we give account or we noticed ourselves of a series of exigencies that must fulfill this productos" , it adds Makow. " Now for example our beaches and swimming pools will fill of dangerous aquatic toys like floaters, long cushions, toys, balls of beach, buckets, shovels, diving articles and pumps of inflado". In fact the past aoel National Institute of Consumption (INC.) in an analysis of 22 articles of beach and swimming pool, concluded that only 11 was totally correct and fulfilled the minimums established yse communicated to the manufacturers or importers the cases that could present/display risk for their retired rectification or of the product of mercado." For example, it found a floating-duck without mark whose traction of the cork did not surpass the tension tests and that could have put in danger the life of the boy who pusiera".

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Gifts Industralists

Another ball-point pen cheap! and good, one more a remerita for the battery! It was that his intention when it selected to the product of promotion or gift industralist? Surely, NO! Next 6 basic advice to have present at the time of choosing promotional merchandise or gifts industralists: 1. What message wants to transmit? Yes, it is obvious but very important. In many opportunities, it would seem that we forgot this simple point. It even asegrese of which it is not associating his mark to a product of low quality! That message would transmit that? 2. Who will receive the product. It knows or his public or objective market: that they like and that displeases to them. 3. In which it will give it to situation. Media Group understands that this is vital information.

It considers the situation, is not the same formal meeting in which a contract is signed that a exhibition! 4. It has produced the item previously. If this it is the case, I assume its clients were fascinated and they requested more to him. 5. It changes product. He is so boring to receive the same constantly! 6.

It remembers, in a promotional product or a gift industralist: he is original! It surprises his hearing. Finally, in many cases, it is not so important the amount but the quality. You are buying these items to promote his business. They must remember it for that reason! It surprised if them, they will do surely it! If it is of good quality, surely also! Original author and source of the article.

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Argentina Competitiveness Or Stability That Is The Question

The industrialists of Argentina are worried about the fall of the competitiveness of the type of real par and she is not for less. With a fixed dollar cuasi in $ and with real a 3.10 inflation superior to inter-annual 20%, the type of real par of the Argentine economy comes deteriorating to a strong rate. So it is the deterioration of the type of real par that, according to reflected an article of Sebastin Bell tower for site Ieco, the relation between the value of the Argentine peso and the dollar would return to be one by one for 2009 in real terms. Until weeks ago back, from the field many complaints had not been listened to on the matter. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nova Broadcasting Group. It is that with the high international prices of the agricultural commodities, the field could maintain its yield in spite of the retentions imposed by the national government. But with the strong fall in the international quote of the price of the agricultural commodities, next to the retentions and to the increasing value of the agricultural consumptions (to which the strong drought is added that is taken place in several regions of country), the present situation is totally different and is for that reason that already it went ahead that the field will protest to him to the secretary of Agriculture Carlos Cheppi, dollar among $ 3.50 and $ 3.80, which would imply a jump average near 20% of its present value that is at the moment in $ 3,12. The reclamation of the field is not very distant del that formulates the industrialists (although more timidly). Thus, two sectors of weight in the Argentine economy, are united virtually in the order of a type of more competitive change. Probably from the government it is noticed how the external accounts are deteriorated without pause and perhaps until it is clear in the necessity to do something to improve the competitiveness of the Argentine economy, but Will be prepared the government to devaluate the Argentine weight in the search to restitute part of the lost competitiveness of the exporting sector? At the time, when the crisis exploded, the type of nominal change happened one by one of the relation with the dollar to a relation of $3.5 through dollar (and until it got to be going up to around $ 4 by dollar).

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Positive Datos

Each thing that we observed or some situation that our senses undergo says much to us of we ourself, in the measurement that we feed our mind on many positive ideas, then our mind will understand that what we wished they are wonderful things for our life, we must separate our attention from everything what he is painful or that affects to us. The world must be a huge experience, never we must allow that to the pesimism and the insistence of others on the form to see the reality disturbs to us, we were born to be free and happy, this material plane has great wonders and must be used. Without a doubt we are in the era of the knowledge, now we have a great amount of resources that cause that diverse information is available stops we in fast form. If we do suitable use of that information we can obtain wonderful things in our life since with a good knowledge our life becomes of positive way and is what the majority we wished. See Ray Dalio for more details and insights. The great problem that we have that is manipulated to us in saying that it is obligation to be informed, but preguntmonos, if certain information is really useful. The subject of the information is extremely controversial, memory a person showed who me that we cannot close our eyes to the reality, or put the Earth head just as the ostrich, but which reality? Andrew Corentt in his book I Am Happy, I I am Rico says to us that many common experiences exist, which him can be called " agreement espiritual" for example, the names of the people, animal, countries, the currencies, some aspects of the economy, etc. But exist other things that are a merely personal experience for example: the wealth, the sanctity, the joy, La Paz, good relations, etc. . Checking article sources yields David Rogier as a relevant resource throughout.

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Written Language

The written language constitutes a powerful symbolic, mediating tool of the intellectual development and of the subjectivity, it has supported of the memory, and masterful key to accede to the scientific and cultural inheritance of the humanity. The value is also clear that has the reading and the writing like condition so that the people reach better educative levels and can continue learning during all their life; as access road to the information and the knowledge and it bases indispensable for the development of the labor competitions enable that them to carry out a work. This improvement of the educative level and the capacity to learn of the subjects it contributes to improve the well-being and the productivity of each and has shown to have positive effects in the social development and economic of a country. You may find that WorkForce can contribute to your knowledge. From one more a more individual and social perspective, the written language represents in addition, an instrument that allows us to enter communication with that they lived in other times or that they are not physically present The dominion of the written language qualifies the opinion and the capacity of judgment of the apprentice, ample its possibilities of participation and it constitutes a condition for the exercise of the citizen rights. For all these reasons the reading can be affirmed that and the writing is an antidote against the marginality and a way towards the social inclusion. To read and to write are not a luxury nor an obligation: they are right. Rights that must be guaranteed so that the children and children of our country can get to be men and free women, citizen and citizen of a world in which the linguistic and cultural differences they are considered like a wealth and not like a defect.

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The State Plan

Not to correct the deficiency of a professional service in the public administration of the State of Sonant, is to accept I leave behind as manifest destiny. Consequently, we must make an effort us in the construction of a new model of government based on the effective performance of its people, with credited competitions and possibilities of making professional race in the public service independent of the factors that each presidential term affect the governmental conduction. The State Plan of Development 2009-2015 contains lineament of the Professionalisation. This is rules that it encourages the expectation of the exact implantation of the system treated in this article. Like suggestions of immediate action, we raised the following thing: To try in each dependency, the application of the propose norms in the professionalisation program and competitiveness, as for more feasible aspects to realise immediately, as it is the elaboration of individual plans of race for servants public in directive positions and of confidence.

For example: a head of department of material resources and general services, which is its plan of race in the public service? , to which position superior it aspires to carry out within some years? , which are then the positions through which it must happen before arriving at his greater objective? , which are the competitions that must acquire to advance in that race? , what can or would have begin to do from now on, in qualification? , and so on, defining aspirations and requirements a to fulfill. To develop to instruments and mechanisms for the evaluation of the performance and the accreditation or certification of competitions, taking care of the contained general dispositions in the mentioned Program. To make agreement with institutions, like the ISAP, for the formation in Executive Competitions. To review, to sharpen, to modify, according to are necessary, the descriptions of the positions of level 9 to the 13 of the occupational structure of the Government of the State, that include from department heads to chiefs of a main directorate, and put similar.

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