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Why the investment plans of the CC industry of 2010 dangerously close to the needs of customers by go the call center market study 2010 ICCA, community of interest the ContactCenter supplier, tell at the first glance: with 89 nominations have investments in voice portals / IVR compared to all other mentioned investment opportunities right priority and that is the customer this policy clearly surprising, looking up. Additional self-service on the phone as a way out of a situation in which 64% of German consumers have ever left a provider due to poor service quality? A such, pure cost optimisation measures is as a lifeboat in the desert of service perceived by the customers in any way misplaced. Here an industry aside, should urgently looking forward looking. The signs of the times are good to see, because the rules are simple: who picks up the phone, seeking contact with a real consultant. The road to consulting, purchasing and information begins but already on the Internet.

The question is not whether someone from the phone switches to the Internet – that happened long ago. Consumers on the Internet every day looking for information. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Ellison. Only if they find any information there, they pick up the telephone handset.”analyzes Dirk-Jan Dokman, CSO the self-service company, the situation applicable. This trend will manifest itself continue inexorably with the generation of the digital native”, born after 1980, the natives of the Internet, in the next few years. Why so not there with good self-service meet the customers, where it awaits him and looks? Investments that improve customer service, useful work to the consultants are investments that make the Web interoperable and therefore save costs and increase customer satisfaction. Four points on which the CCBranche now and in the future not do without. The self-service company answered customer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Instantly, automatically and quickly, because the in-house dialog manager “software understands questions – and can you in” immediately independently answer outstanding quality. Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion. Traffic in the customer service makes the E-Mail until 80% reduced using this technique to an average of 40%, so that call center by 15% to 40% can be relieved and can invest this time gained in quality customer service. Incidentally, the number of online purchases increasing, rising service costs down and profits. And the best: the customers are taken seriously in their behavior and are thrilled. Everywhere where the virtual customer advisors of the self-service company in use are awarded top marks for satisfaction of users: on average 8 out of 10 possible points. Many well-known companies already use the virtual advisor on their websites and certify their one hundred percent satisfaction. Automatic client advisors of the self-service company are world’s most frequented. Already, more than 50 million queries per year be answered in this way. Contact: The self-service company stand 1A13 Dirk-Jan Dokman CEO + 31 (0) 6511 23 999 Dr. Christian Dugast country Manager Germany + 49 (0) 151 22 33 34 32

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Grand Prix

At the same time, the public is sensitized to perceive the accomplishments not only consciously, but to pronounce a nomination as a visible sign of appreciation. The so-called win-win situations arise. Performance is seen and appreciated, enjoy the most people and often to even greater involvement feel motivated. A healthy and successful SME is the result. Additional information is available at Oracle. And so is also the motto of the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation: healthy middle class strong economy more jobs.

This year 3.366 outstanding medium-sized companies were nominated for the Grand Prix and thus 182 or 5.7% more than in the previous year. This is the Grand Prix of medium-sized companies, one of the largest and meistbeachtetsten competitions of its kind in Germany. Up to April 15, 2009, the nominated companies now have the opportunity in the competition to participate. Around 30 volunteers service centers support them. For the Franconia area, but also for adjacent regions of Saxony and Thuringia can contact the companies such as the IMBEMA-consult GmbH from Burgkunstadt. Here Mr.

Robert Knitt available under phone number 09572 / 6099477 available. (Not to be confused with Scott Mead!). All of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies can be interested at the service centres, or directly to the Foundation of course itself. For more information, also see. The company evaluated holistically according to 5 criteria. Overall development of the company creation and safeguarding of work and training places innovation and modernization engagement in the region service and proximity to the customer and marketing another peculiarity of competition is that no costs for the participants in the competition. This is only possible because is about 200 personalities, volunteer with enthusiasm and passion for the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and the middle class. Participants in the competition and also all other companies can benefit from the experience of IMBEMA-consult,. because the competition documents and contents cover in many areas with a focus on the IMBEMA consult.

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Israeli Family Winery Vitkin

Israeli boutique wineries want to conquer the European market Leipzig/Tel Aviv, March 18, 2009: the small family winery from the moshav Kfar Vitkin, an agricultural village community in the Central coastal area of Israel, period of only seven years, became one of the best-known boutique wineries in the country and now wants to conquer the European market. It began in 2002, when three young Israelis decided to give a new direction her life and her professional career on the land of their ancestors. The successful in the stone and marble industry businessman Doron Belogolovsky, his wife, Sharona Paz Belogolovsky architect and whose brother Assaf Paz. Had a sound training in the wine industry after studying oenology in Bordeaux and the subsequent work as a winemaker in California, France and Australia as the only studied microbiologist and food technologist, his two comrades qualified with much dedication and enthusiasm as typical career changers. Three, they founded on the until the mid-1990s by her grandparents farm managed their own vineyard in the moshav Kfar Vitkin. In contrast to the better-known Kibuzz, a Moshav is an agricultural settlement community, which members while cooperatively organized work, but are owners of their own reason and soil. The architect Sharona converted the old stables of the farmhouse to a winery, in which her husband and her brother kelterten the first wines. “Success with a special philosophy: ABCM any thing but Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot”.

Anything but Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot. So can be found in the vineyards of Vitkin vines as the progenitor of the Israeli wine, Carignan, on the side of the traditional Petite Syrah or a relative newcomers like the Viognier. There are but also known as Pinot Noir varietals, supplemented by Cabernet franc, Gewurztraminer and Johannisberg Riesling. The experimental handling of these different grape varieties, the man to ever new blends is on the one characteristic of the winery Vitkin processed. The wines of the series Israel journey are typical”, in which for example a Cuvee of 60% Viognier, 30% French Colombard and 10% Gewurztraminer finds himself. In the second series Vitkin”putting Riesling, Pinot Noir and Carignan, Petite Sirah, however, on the pure expansion of grapes of the grapes in Johannisberg. Sweet wines produced modeled after the German Spatlese or of the port are a speciality of the winery.

With the continuing tendency to experiment and constantly improved quality of wines the three newcomers from Vitkin have managed their winery within a short time in the first series of the wineries in the country. What bears witness to the award as best boutique winery in Israel in 2007. In the current year 2008 it has produced 40,000 bottles for the first time. After the first wines successfully were exported to Canada, it now wants to intensify trade with European countries. At the international wine fair ProWein 2009 in Dusseldorf is possible on the Israeli Community stand in Hall 6 (stand G60) with Sharona Paz Belogolovsky personally to come and taste the Vitkin wines.

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Ebong Quintact

Print shop relaunches who knows not the problem to find a good printer that can deliver optimal quality at fair prices. The special feature of Print-Shop.de is that editing and printing data check is still manually performed and produced the products in Germany, in the Federal State of Brandenburg. Thus, not only the best quality is guaranteed, but there are staff available who know the wishes and needs of our customers and have learned to their daily trade. Small errors can be corrected immediately without intervention of the customer, or the customer will be informed. Advantage for the client: it will produce no misprints. Also companies, professionals, self-employed and individuals are addressed here in addition to agencies, graphic designers and service providers in the graphics and printing industry. Prerequisite for a printed product is currently a printable file, such as the widely-used PDF, but soon the customers have the opportunity from a variety of prepared designs your wish card Select to enter the there-to-print data in an online form to keep the desired print in hands soon. And if the customer has individual needs, are also designs and designs developed the customer and presented.

For professional graphic designers available at the Agency. As an additional service, a range of information about printing techniques, colour systems, as well as tips and tricks – are in the portal page so that every customer can easily find all the necessary information. For a perfect printed product.

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Also domains such as. info, .NET, .org and the still relatively new .eu domains experts say a promising future ahead. Is expected that the .eu has domain the potential over the next four years, the worldwide with over 70 million registered .com domains, the rank to dispute. At European level, there is still considerable growth potential. One of the most important questions is what makes them so valuable domains. The main cause is probably the search behavior of the Internet surfers who type your search terms directly into the Protocol. The thus generated “direct navigation traffic”, so the flow of visitors, who controls a domain by directly entering the Protocol without going through search engines or links to decide is sought after.

Generic domains with commercial character enhance the effect. You generate a virtually free traffic for the domain holder and attract potential visitors on their website. More information is housed here: Ed Bastian. Conclusion: Such domains are targeted and effective advertising medium, and are very valuable. Companies have realized how important high-quality domain names, in connection with their Online presence are. But are many high-quality generic .com domains already taken and firmly held by companies or Domainer. The demand for “direct navigation taffic” over so-called “type in” domains is increasing.

Smart domainers can become the popularity of domain extensions like. .info, .org or .eu contribute and thus new “type in” create domains. Profitable business model with domains starts to boom in Europe. Add to your understanding with Gary Kelly . Taking into account the rapid increase of global Internet access and the increasingly “going online” companies, domain trade will write more spectacular headlines. It will be an exciting year of 2008. Already the selling of bodybuilding.com for $100 gave the go-ahead. euDomainer print supplies Pascual GmbH

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Consultancy Liability

Mediator in the current SHB funds against liability claims insured now SHB innovative fund concepts AG offers its active resellers on request a hedge against any liability claims. In collaboration with the nordias and Alliance one was developed for this purpose of SHB innovative fund concepts AG exclusive asset liability insurance (VSH) for the new yield Fund 6. With this unique insurance solution, the SHB is one of the first emission houses in Germany, which offers such services for their distributors. The Alliance thus another sign for their market-leading position in the segment of the VSH. Others who may share this opinion include source. Wolfgang Kallmeier, Managing Director of nordias GmbH, underlines the uniqueness of the insurance cover.

Thus, nordias and the Alliance, closed-end real estate funds with German objects “document the good quality of the market leader in the asset class. Thomas Vogel, Executive sales and marketing of SHB innovative fund concepts AG: with the introduction of the VSH, we see a Another important step to improve collaboration with our partners, the independent financial services providers.” SHB innovative fund concepts AG is one of the leading bank-independent fund initiators in the German investment market the SHB. You sets nationwide closed-end real estate funds and invested in completed and leased commercial properties in major cities. Since its inception in 2001, the SHB has already designed a fund investment volume of EUR 1.8 billion.

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CoSYNUS Acquires Lineas OnTheMove

The negotiations between the BlackBerry Alliance elite partners have been successfully completed Darmstadt, March 22, 2012 – Lineas OnTheMove! is over three years on the market and at 300 companies in operation. The software of the Brunswick BlackBerry specialist of lineas BlackBerry smartphones into David from Tobit.Software. In the context of the focus of our core business, we have the further development of the solution of OnTheMove! End of 2011 set. With the acquisition in March 2012 by CoSYNUS, an experienced BlackBerry and Tobit partners, customers receive a long-term perspective”, so Fredrik Olsson, business development manager Lineas. We will continue the Lineas’s solution for the BlackBerry platform. Customers who want to use also the BlackBerry PlayBook in the company in addition to Smartphones from RIM or want to use mobile devices to the Apple, Android or Windows platform, be an attractive offer for the new CoSYNUS mobile device Server 7 will receive from us”, so Michael Reibold, Managing Director of CoSYNUS GmbH. About the LINEAS Informationstechnik GmbH as part of Linea group the LINEAS Informationstechnik over more than 20 years of experience in the development of individual software for the optimization of business processes. While the company has focused on three core areas: holistic consulting, custom software solutions, as well as the complete implementation with design, implementation and test. Due to company size and structure it is possible to LINEAS, specialists from various areas of expertise working intensively on a product to make and thus to achieve a very high quality. Developed for years individual communication solutions, the internal information systems and mobile employees faster and more effectively with each other connect information technology Lineas. LiNEAS offers solutions on all major smartphone platforms such as iOS, BlackBerry, Android and WindowsPhone7. About CoSYNUS GmbH the CoSYNUS GmbH headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, plans, develops and operates mobile business and unified messaging solutions for a smarter Communication in Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Tobit David, SAP and Baan environments. Since 1993, over 25,000 users in more than 1,500 small and medium-sized enterprises are supervised throughout Europe. Swarmed by offers, Cylance is currently assessing future choices. CoSYNUS, as well as the certified service and support cutting-edge solutions accelerate the enterprise communication processes and reduce costs for the exchange of information. The seamless integration of different types of message and communication without media discontinuities within the Organization as well as with mobile employees improve cooperation within the enterprise and with business partners. This sustainably increases productivity with fast return on investment. Many years of experience and qualified employees guarantee maximum safety for the customer systems. CoSYNUS has a network of more than 100 partners in three partner programs and strategic partnerships with Microsoft, SAP, research in motion, Tobit, IBM and Novell.

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Spindler GmbH

Second round financing successfully completed Dresden, December 9, 2010. ubigrate is growing successfully and secures a significant amount of capital in the second round of financing. The software company founded in 2008 in Dresden, Germany, is a specialist for business activity monitoring (BAM) in production and logistics. The products create maximum transparency through accurate and automatic detection and evaluation of process information in real time. This results in a permanent reduction in costs as well as reducing energy consumption and emissions. New lead investor participates with capital and know-how with the sympasis innovation capital GmbH of Karlsruhe an experienced, specialized on technology companies lead was won in the second funding round investor.

The high degree of standardization of ubigrate products, as well as their on-demand availability BAM is affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Only those who know its processes, can they optimize and reduce costs “, says Frank cross, managing partner of sympasis innovation capital GmbH. In addition, the KfW banking group invested in ERP startup Fund in the future by ubigrate. The founders and the former investor, the High-Tech Grunderfonds, engage in new financing. ubigrate is can occupy in the future especially a leading position as a supplier of business activity monitoring solutions, in production and logistics. While the company benefits from its experience as a specialist in software for integrating intelligent devices into business processes, Romy says quickly, in the High-Tech Grunderfonds investment manager. New funding finance healthy growth the additional funds invested ubigrate in the development of products, expansion of sales activities, as well as the establishment of a network of distribution partners.

A professional service department is established to further professionalize the quality of counselling and support services. The financing round completed the next step makes it possible for us: we will expand our product range consistently and solid broaden our customer base. Goal is to become the leading provider of business activity monitoring in production and logistics in the German-speaking countries”, says Dr. Jurgen Anke, Managing Director of ubigrate GmbH. new investor Advisory Committee takes work on part of the negotiations in the second round of financing was the formation of an investor Advisory Board, which should intensify coordination between the ubigrate management team and the investors. Chairman of the investor Advisory Committee is Dr. Manfred Spindler, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the former Degussa AG and the management of today’s Evonik Degussa GmbH from 1997 to 2008.More competent support Gets the new investor Advisory Committee by Romy fast (High-Tech Grunderfonds) and Frank Cross (business angel and investor, sympasis innovation capital GmbH). About ubigrate GmbH ubigrate specialises in business activity monitoring and technology leader in the integration of heterogeneous device landscapes in production and logistics. The software products collect process information in real time, evaluate and create maximum transparency in logistics and production processes for the customers. This leads to significant cost savings and reduces both energy consumption and pollutant emissions. The offer includes standard products for container management and cold chain monitoring, which can be used also on-demand based on Web technologies. ubigrate develops specific solutions with OEM partners, which round off the product portfolio. The company is a spin-off of SAP research Dresden. Ubigrate a total of 15 staff employed in the offices in Dresden, Dortmund and Karlsruhe.

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Global Expansion Strategy

Detlef Tilgenkamp: ‘BONOFA controls further success by Europe over the United States and East Asia’ BONOFA is becoming increasingly international: after 2012 already new business networks could be built in England, Italy and other EU countries, the management to Detlef Tilgenkamp takes increasingly international markets targeted in Dubai, the network inspires numerous business partners, Thailand, the United States and India already. The global expansion of the business network of the BONOFA AG is progressing continuously since 2012. The business network co-developed by Detlef Tilgenkamp is already currently present in Europe, but also on many other of the world’s leading markets in more than 50 countries. From Spain, reaches the international community from BONOFA Russia from Dubai to Thailand now. And also in Australia, more and more Internet users decide to become part of the global marketing network of BONOFA and actively to participate in the boom of e-commerce. Who enters in time at BONOFA, is definitely among the winners in the Network marketing are and can be already soon completely financially independent owners of .comPoints,”commented Detlef Tilgenkamp the quickly successful international expansion of new sales and marketing concepts.

In the coming years, the team of BONOFA wants to expand the business network to the online stores in at least 100 countries and offer the partners around the world direct access to famous brand-name products and services from diverse backgrounds. Currently the preparations for the next steps of the expansion; Here, the structural conditions for the individual markets is to check point by point. Now that the team of BONOFA will remain true to the proven marketing model and active sales support for example, via webinars, clearly. And the new business partners can worldwide be sure, that they be involved directly in each transaction in their network: commitment pays off. Who uses his chances and sales through its network generated, which is directly involved in BONOFA about bonuses and commissions the success. “This is true now and in the future”, explains Detlef Tilgenkamp on the occasion of the upcoming this year expansion steps. More information: about BONOFA AG BONOFA AG sets new standards in online network marketing bonofa.com marketing network and can directly participate in Internet user on the growth market of online business.

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Details Of A BSC Presentation

A successful presentation with the help of the balanced scorecard the advantage of a representation of the balanced scorecard in the PowerPoint format is that you can play specific and precise information to. The manner how the presenter can build his presentation, is displayed in the system and provided. Was the BSC PowerPoint presentation is structured according to specific characteristics, this structure can also be used for reporting. Everything depends on how you want to arrange it. First is to observe that one shows presentation the influences of this on business clients within the framework of the BSC. Just the entrepreneur be careful when looking for existing potential companies, with which they can enter into a partnership.

The main purpose of a BSC ppt presentation is that all content be comprehensible for the listener. Finally, new customers over the long term can be gained among these? Acquiring new customers for your product or Their services can therefore be achieved with the help of the balanced scorecard. Also, higher revenue from sales activities can be achieved if the BSC exactly the information presentation, which the entrepreneur of his audience actually wants to convey. The audience with this presentation can be convinced, many of you are very quickly to new customers – and that is the main goal. Thus, also the product loyalty on the part of the customers can be increased.

For the success of a company is measured by finally on these characteristics. Every entrepreneur should know how he presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint can prepare a BSC. Of course this task difficulty not many managers, because they are usually familiar with preparing such documents. Is everything done correctly, another company for products and services can be aroused interest this, especially when set information to the audience, which belong to the circle of interested parties. But you should go on with caution, especially if numerous and different factors assess the success of the aforementioned activities. First make sure that the components of the presentation are thoroughly selected, otherwise it may happen that the expected communication between the participants does not take place. Therefore, it makes sense to use only the really necessary accessories and tools. Improvements in the reporting and communication of information can be made out on the basis of certain details and tools of a BSC presentation. Should these improvements gradually take place, so the balanced scorecard can be an appropriate tool to do this, to generate the right metrics and measurements of the entire network platform. Such figures are usually called the so-called key performance indicators or KPIs. These are needed for all business transactions, so that individual divisions as well as individual processes can be evaluated. Under one draws this careful scrutiny and so quickly can see which processes will improved and which persist in their State. The main idea behind a presentation with the help of the balanced scorecard is that a domain is acquired, which will thoroughly monitor all business processes. This is achieved among other things by a classification in individual indicators, as well as in groups takes place, which must be quantified. The scorecard is regularly maintained and updated, successes can occur for the company soon, which we discussed at the beginning of the article. Sam Miller, BSCDesigner.de if you are interested in the BSC PPT presentation, learn more about this topic on our Web page.

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