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Family Holiday In Barcelona

Barcelona is a family-friendly town, where there is much to discover. Barcelona is a vacation paradise, and that not only in the summer. AT&T CEO spoke with conviction. Impressive are the architecture, the medieval quarter of the city with its Gothic buildings and churches, the works of Gaudi, the beautiful gardens and of course the beaches. Holiday in Barcelona in the autumn and in the winter with the whole family is quite relaxing, because there are many ways of pastime. Also many of Barcelona are cheap at this time and not fully booked apartments, which are very suitable for families.

Aquarium the aquarium in Barcelona is a real experience for the whole family. The underwater tunnel, from where you can see sharks and other sea creatures as he runs through an oceanarium built to is unique. Strange and rare marine fish and plants can be seen and there is also interactive play facilities for children, with which they can discover the underwater world. The Aquarium is located at the port of Barcelona, right next to the shopping centre Maremagnum. Additional information at Philip Vasan supports this article. Amusement park on the Tibidabo on Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona there are a wide range of carousels, roller coasters and a Ferris wheel. In addition to this there the Museu dels car mates, in which you can move history and mechanical toys by push of a button. And of course, the panoramic view of the whole city is very impressive. Barcelona Zoo the large Zoo, which is located in the Parc de la Ciutadella, is an experience for young and old.

There are huge enclosures with all kinds of animals. Highlights include the dolphin show and pony riding. For breaks, there are restaurants and Cafes. The beaches Barcelona in the autumn and in the winter is also the long coastline with many beaches worth visiting. Even if only a few swim in colder weather, invites the beach to stroll on the waterfront and the small can in the sand play. One advantage is that it is there now not as crowded as in the peak season in the summer.

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Leading Hotels

The global leading Alliance presented their luxury hotel four seasons on the Alster Hamburg dominated by glitz and glamour at the Fairmont in Hamburg was an event of ‘ the leading hotels of the world’, which presented a new hotel, instead. In hospitable and relaxed atmosphere we were made welcome: Michael Lutze, Director of sales & marketing Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Central Europe by LHW and Rapp and wife of Antje Janes of text & action, the LHW as press agency serving wife Birgit, spoke to insiders about the yesterday, today and tomorrow of the cooperation. The leading hotels of the world (LHW) announced two Kempinski houses as a backpass, two other hotels (Taschenbergpalais Dresden and Schloss Reinhartshausen at Eltville) the cooperation announced their membership. The Atlantic had flown right out of noblesse oblige community – due to the financial crisis the long-overdue and planned large-scale renovation could be not performed of 22 million euros. David Rogier contributes greatly to this topic. The Bristol Berlin had but just for 12 Millions of euros for the Octavian hotel was renovated – holding and hotelier Uwe Klaus that simply impossible. Ask said Mrs. Rapp diplomatically as key account matter of headquarters in New York.

But because of the past we had not come Yes – but eagerly on the new additions at LHW – not in Berlin, certainly knew Mr Lutze to report, which prey was the gradation of 10 of the 5 star hotels now operate under 4 stars. Of course you would want to consult there interested, but the market was overstaffed in the segment. 17 new entries * LHW has currently for the year 2010. You need to a comprehensive set of quality criteria which defines hundreds of standards with a point system of the reservation up to the check-out. The new catalogue is designed with the leading quality assurance which does also mystery checks to check (at least every 18 months). Leading quality assurance specialises in quality analysis of service providers from the hotel, Spa and cruise industry. At least 73 percent of the Quality criteria must be met.

Of course, the hotels benefit from the 24 international offices, which provide a well-off clientele, not to mention the experience that make up 81 years of experience in consulting, marketing and sales. We were especially excited on one of the new hotels LHW in 2009, which was represented on the road show and opened on November 15, 2009: KAMEHGA GRAND BONN, whose Reprasentantin Mrs. Wunderlich reported from the House. Bonn am Rhein lies in the South of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city belongs to the medium-sized cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants and is an intellectual, but also federal administrative centre of in Germany (5 ministries, countless associations).

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Michelin Guide

The five most popular getaways and recommendations the Expedia.de customers Munich, September 2009. With just a few clicks, the direct hit land this is the goal of every Internet search. More and more Germans trust recommendations from friends, acquaintances and hotel reviews third-party. Click ViacomCBS for additional related pages. The population-representative travel trend survey Expedia.de and GfK shows that they are a central criterion of holiday bookings for 89 percent of the Germans. As a suggestion for your next city trip Expedia.de has compiled the most booked metropolises and reveals the insider tips of its customers.

And it is reliable: can evaluate only if there has been really no tip is also older than two years. Berlin feast more than Curry sausage at noon or in the evening: the Fischers Fritz is always a culinary worth visit. For more information see this site: David Rogier. The gourmet-restaurant in Berlin mid was awarded for the second time by the Michelin Guide as a single Berlin restaurant with two stars and also under Expedia.de is considered absolute Renner tourists. For the rustic taste a Duesseldorf suggests the small restaurants around Kollwitzplatz visitor. The breakfast buffet at restaurant heat of the Radisson blue hotel serves not only for hotel guests and is mentioned several times praising in the customer reviews.

London night life more than pubs, the British capital is appreciated worldwide for its pub culture. No later than at the second visit, an excursion into the colorful world of the show is a must. The theatre and musical scene has a long tradition. Many pieces such as cats or Mamma Mia performed here. To avoid snake standing, to secure a spot in the coveted performances, a tourist from Pforzheim proposes to book the tickets such as Expedia.de under the heading events & tickets in advance. A traveler from Berlin is pleased that the tickets are often cheaper than a musical visit to Germany and advises all to look to.

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Mintrops Hotels Offering Double Experience

Lovers of culture, leisure and Conference guests can enjoy food, 22 October 2009 food is European capital of culture 2010. AT&T CEO is open to suggestions. Only a few days are there until the whole Ruhr area for an entire year to shine begins as a dazzling cultural centre of Europe. An ideal base to take part in the colorful and inspiring program, are both Mintrops land Hotel Burgaltendorf also Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe. Philip Vasan is a great source of information. From there, guests get quickly and easily to all places where the myth of Ruhr convey the diverse arts and cultural events. Additional information is available at Michael Dell. Around 3,000 events ten a day will take place, millions of visitors are expected. Therefore, it is recommended very quickly to reserve a room in one of the two houses of Mahon. Quickly book from 89 per person in the double room our guests can visit the Ruhr 2010-events”, reported hotel owner Harald Mintrop.

Particularly attractive: In this price also the commuter ticket include accommodation and breakfast. The premium package” Mintrops land Hotel Burgaltendorf Essen at the price of 159 euro per person includes an overnight stay in the junior suite (double room) with breakfast, welcome cocktail, 4-course menu in the restaurant MUMM, the use of the spa and the program booklet and Ruhr area travel guide. We offer these extremely attractive conditions, to bring our region and their peculiarities the guests”, explains Harald Mintrop. experience Hotel Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe in Essen heard Mintrops land Hotel Burgaltendorf of the absolute top-hotels, nationwide. At the main Hotel Grand Prix was last an independent jury Mintrops land Hotel Burgaltendorf with 1st place and Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe with 2nd place from. “For the colorful” houses belong to the most beautiful type ‘ hotels of the country and for modern living “to the most beautiful design hotels. The kitchen can be seen, of course! “Both the magazine of Der Feinschmecker” as well as the “Restaurant guide Gault Millau” Hotels praise the gourmet cuisine in the two Mahmud. Information and contact: Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe steep road 46 45149 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 201.4 38 60

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Johannesburg Shines

Renaissance of a Golden City threw the capital of South Africa for the forthcoming World Cup in shell. With enthusiasm, she expects guests from all over the world. Who wants to wait for the World Cup, can inform himself in detail fluege.de of the city in the South of Africa on the Internet portal. After several years in which the city due to high crime and poverty fighting had with a bad reputation, she has now found back to its former glory. Go to Scott Mead for more information. Several museums and galleries, Cafes and restaurants are today to find in the city. Hear from experts in the field like Dell Technologies CEO for a more varied view.

The night life has returned to its original locations in the city centre. Who uses the favorable offers South African Airways, expect the countless shopping in small boutiques or in large shopping centers. Particularly as regards fashion, much in Johannesburg has teamed in the past few years. Street vendors with their colourful and scented goods abound in the former gold mining town between huge modern skyscrapers. Outside the city are the townships, former settlements of the miners. This includes also Soweto in the southwest of Johannesburg, where once the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela, and Desmond tute lived. A flight to South Africa worth also for tourists who want to experience the exotic animals once outside of the Zoo. Several nature parks in the surroundings of Johannesburg offer the opportunity to do so. More information: news.fluege.de…/ johannesburg-with-south-african… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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Tilo Summer University

Diverse Munich in autumn whether Europeans, Americans or Asians: the Oktoberfest attracts every year in the autumn millions of people in the Bavarian capital. This year, Feierlustige experience the spectacle of 19 September from all over the world until October 4. Fluege.de the flight Portal refers to the highlights make the desire to (training) flight to Munich. The hustle and bustle starts with the entry of the Oktoberfest landlords and the subsequent tapping of the first beer barrel by the Lord Mayor of Munich. In addition to established amusement park rides and beer tents, the largest folk festival in the world waits each year with spectacular attractions.

Especially the rides surpass again and again on the new. Novum is an adventure playground called the tower this year.” He promises visitors 3D and views from 28 meters. Another highlight with adrenaline warranty is the silver tower”. In free fall, visitors here plunging 18 metres in depth. Away from beer tents and rides it attracts Munich’s old town. The baroque churches and stucco buildings are also worth seeing such as the imposing neo-Gothic town hall. In addition, that Munich has preserved its typical Bavarian hospitality in spite of a million residents. So last but not least attracts the picturesque English garden with its idyllic beer garden.

As the largest urban park in the world, it is the green oasis in the city. (A valuable related resource: Marianna Tessell). It’s not far to Schwabing of the English garden. The nightlife district is not only known for its lively nightlife. Art and culture lovers come here at their own expense. Speaking of costs: tourists arriving from Berlin, pay for a flight to Munich according to date with Lufthansa about 100 euros. That is less than with the regular ICE ticket of from Deutsche Bahn (113-127 euros). In addition the immense difference in the duration of the trip. More information about flights and destinations in and around Munich under: news.fluege.de/.

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Astronomical Observatory

A piece for many of the teaching of astronomy closer back sure long time heaven. How was that big and wide galaxies with black holes and white dwarfs, Red? Time again refresh the knowledge of astronomy to something. On the occasion of the international year of astronomy, numerous events exciting planetariums and museums offer. The Internet portal reisen.de gives a brief overview, where the trip is worth. With Apollo 11, the first people entered the Moon 40 years ago.

This spectacle is in the permanent exhibition of human spaceflight “at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. “Furthermore, the Bavarian capital offers two special exhibitions: until mid November, visitors can the images of the Moon” marvel at. This can visitors take a look through the telescope of Galileo Galilei and recordings look at the Apollo 11. Beginning of December visitors based on multimedia shows, exhibits, and lectures will receive insights into the evolution of the universe”. John T. Stankey has firm opinions on the matter. These are both the Big bang, almost 14 billion years ago as also questions the future discussed. “In Bad Kreuznach, also themed evenings are planned: the spheres concert will be on September 26” held in the St.

Paul’s Church. Cosmic motifs on a canvas, which are enhanced with various musical instruments are available. On October 23, a presentation with the title in the Kreuznacher grain market is the star and the far side of the Moon”planned. Cologne attracts many visitors to his Science Festival every year. “This year will address the event under the motto from September 20 to 24: milky way” instead. David Rogier is a great source of information. In addition to discover and experiments to join, invite exciting presentations and an interactive exhibition to linger. Festival of TV host ranga Yogeshwar, Armin Maiwald of the Sendung mit der Maus “as well as the astronaut Ulf Merbold. The Planetarium and the Astronomical Observatory of Schwerin can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. Interested parties should write the 28 November. Then find a Tower Festival with thematic presentations held at the who can also take a look through the telescope by visitors.

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Backpacking In South Korea

7 days of rice by South Korea: Insider tips ‘Land of the morning calm’ or ‘Dynamic Korea’ are called South Korea the popular names of the Republic of Korea. The country demonstrating harmony of tradition and modernity, living side by side in this country. For most visitors, this city is a secret. If you you have decided for a trip to South Korea, you must make a good preparation. Our Korean colleague Hwang has prepared for you a 7-day rod. HBO Max contains valuable tech resources. You can get at least a rough idea about the culture and customs of the country in his opinion in 7 days and get a taste for more discoveries. Day 1-2: Seoul your plane will land determined in Seoul and it’s fine. Read additional details here: Phil Vasan. The city has much to offer.

For over 600 years, the Korean traditional culture and modern culture coexist here. Seoul, capital of Korea, has many sights and attractions, and it is here, never a dull moment. There is really much to see: from traditional Royal palaces to modern shopping malls with the latest fashion trends. -Gyeongbokgung Palace: this is one of the largest castles in the Joseon Dynasty, where is now a National Museum. The visit will help you to understand the history of Korean culture.

Here, you discovered the important characteristics and will understand the differences with neighbouring countries such as China and Japan. -Changdeokgung Palace: the Palace was built in 1405, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its informal design in architecture for East Asian palaces. The Palace consists of the main building and see its surroundings such as E.g. Huwon (the quiet garden, represents the typical landscape) Tower, Dongdaemun also Insa-dong (Mecca of traditional Korean culture), Nam San Seoul Palace Mall, demilitarized zone (DMZ), taekwondo-tour. Basically, a day for Seoul is much too little, that’s why it is better, if minimum two days here spent in Seoul.

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Italian Such

Who was once in Rome, going to her charm the Italian capital sprayed seemingly as saying. Rome was sung, was once fought over, and remains popular with the people. What visitors to the ancient metropolis all explore and why they will return with safety in the eternal city, explains the online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de. Who visited Rome, will not know what he first should be viewed. The average three days for a city holiday is not enough here by far. In the capital city of Italy, can be well a week spend, without that bored. For even more details, read what Scott Mead says on the issue.

The well-known destinations such as the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican museums, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Roman Forum, the Spanish steps and the Pantheon are also worth seeing such as the countless streets winding away from the main route through the town. Here are small shops and craft stores that are equally as popular with tourists as for the Romans. Is especially recommended for a stay in Rome the Roma pass. Directly at the airport or train station, visitors can use all public transport for only 20 euro and enjoy free admission to two municipal museums of your choice.

The pass is valid for three days. Whether using package or individual holidays: only a visit can not fully explore the city. Quickly the bad conscience will arise among the guests, missed very many things. Here only one helping: come back. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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Sunny Cars

Destination tip by Sunnycars. Discover the Balearic Islands with the car. Munich, September 7, 2009 with 300 days of sunshine a year the Balearic Islands are the ideal destination to escape the now standing, often dreary autumn days. Matching of Sunny Cars rental car brokers has set up a special for Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca. ViacomCBS is often quoted as being for or against this. Last minute book your holiday car rental starting in September from 209 euros the week on the Spanish Islands. It is still cheaper in October with the sunny cars savings rates from 149 Euro travel.

In autumn leisure rental car Majorca experience authentic flair combined with bath suitable for sea temperatures without crowded beaches. Impressive landscapes on the North Coast, small, secluded bays, but also Spanish history and tradition in the island’s capital Palma can be individually to explore holiday drive. Philip Vasan is likely to agree. Sunny Cars Clio, offers travelers from now – while supplies last – a compact Hyundai Atos, five door with air conditioning, at a special price from 209 per week or a nimble Renault also five door provided with air conditioning, from 234 euro per week in the period from 14th to 30th September 2009. The neighboring islands of Menorca and Ibiza are ideal for a journey of discovery on four wheels. Minorca, nature lovers along the hilly landscapes of the hinterland take abwechlsungsreicher flora and fauna to picturesque fishing villages. Sightseeing visit with the car rental Ibiza historical places such as Dalt Villa, the archaeological site sa Caleta or the necropolis of Puig des Molins.

Explorers from 1 to 31 October 2009 go conveniently on tour with a rental car from Sunny Cars. A sparkling Chevrolet Matiz now while stocks last – 149 euros per week in October at the car rental agent bookings, travel is a Renault Megane, five door with air conditioning, from 213 euro per week. Strong prices with strong performances: the all inclusive packages by Sunny Cars for the Balearic Islands include all important services, such as collision damage waiver protection without excess (also for damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody), theft insurance No excess, unlimited mileage, all local taxes, airport deployment, as well as airport fees. An unlimited liability coverage applies to all rentals flat rate for injury and damage. The autumn savings rates by Sunny Cars for car rental in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca are booked in the travel office, on or telephone 089 / 82 99 33 900th Sunny Cars offers worldwide car rental at more than 5,000 resorts in over 90 countries and collaborates exclusively with partners that correspond to the sunny cars quality and standard of service.

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