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Cardinal Health

In many cases 95% of the time of these meetings are used in the data collection and the calculation of the prognoses, 5% inviertenen it to rest in the evaluation of the results. As a result of this situation this same proportion is seen in the results, 95% of the times with a poor man result and in a 5% with one lucky person. Many companies accept with resignation this situation and very little make lift the quality and the exactitude of the prognosis of sales, spending unnecessarily precious resources. Under most conditions Office of National Statistics would agree. But So that the companies are resigned to accept these results when it is possible to invigorate the prognosis process to increase the quality and the exactitude of the prognosis? Obvious it is not a easy way and as all benefit has a cost. Then like justifying the investment? Symptoms like high levels of inventories, exhausted, a poor level on watch and the urgent word can be the best justification. Nevertheless if not yet this convinced, realises the following exercise calculates systematically to where it could reduce the levels in the security inventories if it increased the exactitude in I foretell. When elevating between 10 and a 15% their exactitude in the prognosis will be evident for you that the effort will have been worth the pain.

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The Mandala

This mandala has been realised by a boy of 10 years. In this example of mandlico analysis, we will begin by the center of mandala, that is I I commit of the boy, or its inner boy and what also it corresponds to its present. If you determine the color of the center, although of small area, she is of blue color. To paint the center of blue color means that he is a boy who costs to see with objectivity his personal subjects to him; activities in the school, relations with friendships, family, etc. Each act that implies certain recognition of responsibility in him, will bring conflicts to assume them of correct way. In addition this color in center indicates a strong connection with the archetype of the feminine thing; the water, the mother and the important thing, the values. When putting the pendulum on this area to be able to see the type of polarity that shows this zone, marks a polarity of (- 4). This means, that its lack of objectivity to see the things and their strong connection with feminine and the valrico is negative aspects in their life.

Often the constant necessity implies a deficiency. We also observe, that by the contour of the blue circle, the boy drew up lines with plumn blue to demarcate it. This indicates its necessity to protect and to hoard what he as much needs. ” I do not want that nobody knows what siento”. In order to improve these aspects, the positive energy can be intencionar on the zone of conflict in mandala and that the boy paints another one mandala with the complementary color, the orange, in center. This it is an example of how we analyzed an area of mandala, and that also can be analyzed areas of vertical way or drawing up and intencionando our own areas, according to what we need to discover. Obvious, for a deeper analysis we will use letters of the Tarot, that in this case was not realised. And to have one more a more conclusive opinion about the personality of the boy, it is necessary to analyze a series of mandalas, often is not enough with one. Factory of Therapies with Mandalas asks for the mandlico analysis of your son Here With Affections, Amalia Mella CETIS.

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