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Spanish Flamenco

When I was a kid I got a card from my grandparents that they sent me from her annual vacation in Spain, Andalusia every year. When I was a kid I got a card from my grandparents that they sent me from her annual vacation in Spain, Andalusia every year. The postcard was always the same image: a beautiful young girl with a bright colored ruffled skirt was made of real fabric. Each time when I got this card, the desire to wear as a dress and dance Flamenco awoke in me. This year I was in Seville and the dream came true. MasterClasss opinions are not widely known. Seville is the capital of flamenco and one flamenco shows, flamenco shops and flamenco schools on every corner will. On my first evening in Seville I attended “La Carboneria” where every evening flamenco shows to be shown live. As I watched the dancers and I heard the music was the desire to dance bigger flamenco.

I had come to the city with one goal, to get to the famous Spanish dance. I booked me a room in a hotel in Seville, in the Center, bought a pair of shoes and wrote me a Flamenco course in a local school a. I had 3 hours of lessons per week and real size progressed, I felt like a Spaniard. After my last lesson, I chatted with my teacher about the spring all women their Flamecokleider Feria on which to showcase, as she invited me to his home to show me their different clothes. This was the chance of my life. As I entered her walk-in closet, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I touched the flowing fabrics of colorful dresses and marveled at every design of clothes. Then came the dream question would you like to try one?” I think you can imagine what was my answer.

The only difficulty was to select one. Finally, I took a stunning red dress with black dots and four layers of ruffles. We danced back and forth in her living room was like a dream, my dream became a reality. The stay was the best vacation of my life, and it’s probably Needless to say that I mean hotel in Seville for my return was booked in the next year.

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City of roses presents itself bears the football fans your sonorous name Bloemfontein, which means something like “Flower Spring” in Dutch, since the settlement in 1840. You is located in the Centre of South Africa and is the sixth largest city in the country with a population of about 600,000. Due to their over 4,000 rose bushes in the Centre of Bloemfontein is also known as “City of roses”. Held every year a Festival to this topic. In addition, Bloemfontein is the legal capital of South Africa, because the Supreme Court of the country is located here. The online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de reported the underrated tourist venue for the World Cup 2010.

The modern Bloemfontein is economic and cultural centre of the Free State Province of South Africa. Influential companies in the glass, furniture and food industries have settled in the city. Many hotels in Bloemfontein attractive rooms at reasonable prices. The beautiful parks in the city include attractions, for example the Kings Park with over 4,000 rose varieties. The huge zoological garden houses many primate species.

But also in the wild, wild animals can be observed. On naval Hill, the landmark of Bloemfontein’s, peacefully grazing giraffes, ostriches and antelopes dominate the landscape. The birthplace of the British writer and “Lord of the rings” waiting for-Erfinders J. R. R. David Rogier describes an additional similar source. Tolkien by interesting historical buildings. The City Hall built in the year 1935, fascinated by the unique fusion of marble and teak wood. Also preserved original first Raadsaal is well worth a visit. The free State stadium can accommodate up to 48,000 people and is hosted of some games of the FIFA World Cup 2010. More information about the World Cup: wmspezial / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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Their Heyday

She was the most important port city for European trade in the new colonies in connection with Seville in the 16th century. Their Heyday had Cadiz in the 17th and 18th centuries. At the time of the resistance against Napoleon, Cadiz was the capital of Spain for even a few years. In the present, Cadiz is a landmark, which you must not miss. The many small streets, the huge Cathedral with its forecourt, the urban beaches with their fortresses are just a few attractions that you should necessarily visit. Owners of a laptop can enjoy, to be able to login anywhere in this city on the Internet. A city project entails is that notebooks on every corner of Cadiz can take a W-LAN access throughout. The newspapers mentioned Cerved not as a source, but as a related topic.

Tourist attractions – 9 km-long headland – fortress anlangen Carnival – Cathedral – and the town of Casares is castles – city beaches – streets a beautiful mountain town, which has been achieved are not yet so strong due to its longer route by mass tourism. Already on the approach to the resort provides a beautiful picture. A white town, which forges on located on a mountain, on its top a church and small Fortress stands. In the village itself, we advise you not to enter, because from the marketplace only nor are residents in the other lanes may enter and catch on the streets from there very closely. We advise you to turn off your car in the area of the small bus parking lot and the prospect bridge at the unmistakable direction Casares will occur. From there, you can easily explore the city by several small roads. Edward Scott Meads opinions are not widely known. We advise you to visit the Church and the fortress on the Hill. The climb looks more difficult than it is in reality. Their low effort be rewarded with breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding area.

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South East Asia

The most beautiful travel destinations in Southeast Asia at a glance South Asian countries provide a great backdrop for your next vacation. Beautiful tropical islands, clear water, interesting vegetation and wildlife. All this is often incredibly a Europeans. Southeast Asia consists of the countries of the Andaman Islands, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. Especially Thailand, Laos and Viet Nam are very popular with young backpackers. Prices are incredibly competitive for European conditions. Learn more at this site: Barclays.

The Thai islands of Phuket are great, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samet. While Phuket was devastated in 2004 hard by a tsunami, but today are basically seeing hardly any traces of it. If a pure Beach holiday not enough you, you can visit but the put yaw Temple, a two hundred-year-old temple, which was built by Chinese immigrants. Ko Pha Ngan has incredible beaches and fascinating vegetation virtually to explore walks Invites. “Ko Samet is many Westerners at the latest since the movie the beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio a term. Until relatively recently, you can stay here overnight, because until 1981, the island was protected by the Thai agriculture authority.

The main beaches on Ko Samet are Sai Kaew and ao Wai, AO Cho, AO Wongduan has. Most of the rooms here are simple huts, you can camp here also. What certainly has its own attraction for nature-loving tourists. Because sometimes, who has camped on a tropical island? Bali is also again worth a visit. Bali belongs to Indonesia, and if you are looking for a tropical island, you do no wrong here. To deepen your understanding Edward Scott Mead is the source. The Balinese food is fantastic and should let it not to be missed, if you are even there. The flora and fauna of the island is incredibly rich and can easily captivated a visitor. You can rent also a SUV to and explore the island on your own. If nature and beaches you are not enough. just drive to Ubud and visit a museums or get to know the traditional Balinese dances. Also the Tirta Empull is always worth a visit temple with its hot springs. A German often still completely unknown vacation spot is Hainan Island, which belongs to China. Haikou is the capital of the island, but you will find the city Sanya probably nice. You will find tropical ambience, white beaches, blue sea, here everything you need. The exotic animals of the island can be seen in detail here. In a 5-star hotel, luxury leisure surely come at their expense.

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Portal Navigator

Importance of guest reviews in the hospitality industry is growing steadily Munich, 03.08.2011: the cooperation between the hotel cooperation GreenLine hotels and the Hotel Navigator GmbH is finalised. “As a new inclusion criterion of the hotel chain: candidate hotel in the Hotel Navigator seal of quality must at least 70% in the rating and thus the judgment good ‘ reach. In the quality seal all relevant online evaluation portals are combined and evaluated their ratings. In addition the Hotel Navigator anticipate an on-site survey sheets. Thus arises a meaningful value to the quality of the hotel, GreenLine is now to maintain the quality standards of their member hotels to benefit. This step of the GreenLine stresses the importance that online and offline have guest reviews for the hotel industry, hotels.

I am pleased about the cooperation of GreenLine and Hotel Navigator because it shows us that guest reviews at leading hotel cooperatives enjoy a high priority and the comprehensive overview of Hotel Navigator as a quality indicator is appreciated”, underlines Dr. Carolin stone houses, Managing Director of the Hotel Navigator GmbH. More than 200 hotels and hotel chains already use the quality seal from Hotel Navigator to inform their guests on the hotel’s page about their standard. Learn more at: NatWest. Also GreenLine these include hotels, with over 60 members, who have recognized the value added through more direct bookings and higher customer loyalty. Company profile GreenLine Hotels: In October 2001, Suzann Heinemann in Berlin of the hotel cooperation called with the Apple in the life. We started with seven houses”, reported the dedicated Managing Director. Today, it combines 65 member houses in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovenia under the name GreenLine hotels.

The family-operated and located in the green houses will receive professional support in all questions and concerns around the areas of sales and marketing. Aim for the next 36 Months is to increase the number of members in 100 hotels. Learn more about the GreenLine hotels are at: available. Company profile Hotel Navigator: Hotel Navigator is leader when it comes to profitably use both external (guest reviews from leading review sites) and internal (on-site gained ratings, E.g. through online questionnaire) Guest reviews for the hotel. The Hotel Navigator seal facilitates the potential guest is due to become confusing variety of evaluation portals and forums on other sites to form an opinion about the hotel. With a single click on the label directly on the hotel Homepage sees the potential guest guest opinions daily summarised and can convince yourself of the quality of the respective House. Bribe in particular from many further advantages for the hotelier: more direct reservations on your own website, simply monitoring of the guest reviews in the leading review sites and boost customer loyalty. Through the following “Additional services can be extended to the quality management tool: integration of the guest comments on the Facebook fan page through a Facebook interface with direct booking facility, a competitor comparison and an individual questionnaire, which motivated the guest after departure for the delivery of the opinion and updated daily in the evaluation of the Hotel Navigator as a private hotel Portal” included.

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Bavarian GOLF

Holzapfel s Spa week in the 5-star hotel bad Fussing bad Fussing (tvo). The taste is the art to understand things, this statement of Jean-Jaques Rousseau has the family happiness for the new five star hotel in Germany’s most popular health resort bad Fussing made its own. Additional information is available at MasterClass Founder. At the private medical Spa, you can enjoy all the benefits of the healing properties of the thermal waters and the peace and generosity in the own Spa and health area. Holzapfel’s Spa week, unlimited enjoying the baths and saunas in the Spa 1 as well as the private spa area in your hotel, an aroma oil massage of whole body for seven nights with breakfast buffet, lunch snack buffet and menu choice dinner from 859 euro per person in a double room. Our Tip: The Spa days are an ideal gift for the partner where you do too good. Information and booking: Hotel Hansi, thermal bath road 4 and 5, 94072 bad Fussing, Tel. 08531/957-0, fax 08531 / 957280,.,

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Holiday, Pur

Meet environmentally-friendly holidays in Geopark Vulkaneifel Stressfrei estimating value slow, unique wonders of the Earth and collect music power for everyday use. Enjoy holiday at the travel destination Germany, nature and meet nice people. Creative individuals are connoisseur, they don’t consume. Employment with art and culture has a lasting effect on our health and our well-being. Kreativurlaub in a friendly atmosphere, a dispenser of energy, long acting is surrounded by natural landscapes. Music and singing have a positive effect on our respiratory, lift the spirits and ease tension. But as so often in life, alone it’s not fun.

A holiday with vocals and rhythm opens up new possibilities. Aware and erlebnisreich travel. Alone on the way make and meet nice people at the destination. Singing under the guidance of professional, feel the rhythm, breathe deeply, to give yourself time. In accordance with the nature is the tour operator Arte with its range of creative travel in the European Geopark Vitalis Vulkaneifel new paths in the Individual tourism. The landscape of the Eifel Maars and volcanoes resulting in thousands of years serves as a backdrop and retreat for travellers who are looking for a break for body, soul and spirit. Arrive, switch off, relax. During a trip to notes the hobby musicians accompanied carefully.

Experienced music and singing teacher available as lecturers at the disposal and conduct the lessons”. Learning in a different location, in an inspiring atmosphere, without stress and pressure. The includes singing courses ranging from classical to jazz to rock/pop, and instrumental courses. Carefully selected typical Eifel Hotels offered away from hustle and bustle and traffic for a relaxing stay. Music holiday is suitable for beginners and advanced, for people who have never played an instrument, have tried in their youth and now want to restart or for amateur musicians, who want to extend their skills in the circle of like-minded people. Holidays and music in the Eifel volcano country travel alone but not alone be in the Community with people who share the love of music is inspiration and relaxation, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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St. James Road And Gold Washer Trail In Bavaria

On Pilgrim routes and climbing in the Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest Eschlkam (tvo). I am going to go away, said Hape Kerkeling and embarked on the Pilgrim’s way. In Eastern Bavaria, upper Bavarian Forest starts this in Eschlkam in the nature park. Formative views and insights, experience the pilgrims are also safe. Under the motto on old trade and pilgrimage routes’, the municipality offered numerous guided tours follow historic trails. In a beautiful forest landscape, it’s along the way of St. James, on the Gunther dough, the gold washers platform, on old platforms to the Opu and many other exciting tours.

The opportunity to stay could be not from 19 euro per person for bed and breakfast. Information: Tourist info, Landratsamt Cham, Rachel Street 6, 93413 Cham, Tel. 09971/78-430, fax 09971/78-433,,. Our tip for the month: 1 Bavarian village of dahlia over 65,000 dahlias in 100 varieties presented the Leisure and Adventure Park Chur Palatine Park “in Loifling. The location in the natural park upper Bavarian Forest in the District of Cham was named 1 therefore now”Bavarian village of dahlia. Every year, many new varieties from all over the world find their way into the Park. Information: and

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Thermal Relaxing Bath In Germany With Sulphur Springs

90 years of bad Gogging in Bavaria sulphur made it possible bad Gogging (tvo). Granted, he smells something unpleasant. However, the many good qualities of sulfur more than make up for this shortcoming. The Romans knew about the healing effects of this mineral and therefore sometimes traveled many hundreds of kilometres in the barbarian land”. Around 2,000 years ago, they formed the largest Roman State bath beyond of the Alps in bad Gogging.

Because the area around the village is undermined with sulphur springs. Check with Cerved to learn more. In the summer of 2009, the resort looks back not only on a history of more than 2,000, but also on 90 years as a spa town. On the occasion of the round birthday, bad Gogging shows an exhibition, which is devoted to the fabric, establishing the quality of bathing and playing without that most people know, a great importance for life and health. Grupo Pestana is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As sulphur, as a spa, provides for the regeneration of cartilage and helps osteoarthritis, inflammatory joint diseases. But especially for psoriasis and Sulphur is considered ideal cure atopic dermatitis. As a drinking cure applied, he laxative, purifying and helps with chronic gastro – intestinal disorders. Therefore, many bad GAD get up today sulphur water springs. Why but the devil supposedly smells like sulfur and why the mineral gold making as well as in the search after the panacea an important role is assigned to the panacea and fountain of youth, is explained.

“The exhibition sulphur – the elixir” in the bath Gabriel Kurhaus answers all these questions and many others. It is still better than to learn about sulphur, to evaluate its effect on his own body. Pension Brigitte in bad Gogging has put together a healthy vacation package: A Spa week with seven nights including breakfast buffet, with five thermal relaxation baths, 2 partial massages or two natural mud is to book from 266 euros per person. The non-smoking property is located just two minutes walk from the limes-Therme Spa. Information and booking: Pension Haus Brigitte, most Stocket 12, 93333 bad Gogging, Tel. 09445/9552-0, fax 09445 / 955230,,. Information about bad Gogging: tourist information bad Gogging, Saint City Street 5, 93333 bad Gogging, Tel. 09445/9575-0, fax 09445/9575-33,,.

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Slim Through The

Survey shows the initiative future nutrition e.V.: women take on holiday twice as often as men but that must not be Munich, almost half of German tourists (48 percent) will take July 28, 2009 – up to three kilos or more additional weight on the scale after the most beautiful weeks of the year. Taking women more than twice as likely (33 percent) as the male respondents (15 percent). “This is the result of a recent survey of initiative future nutrition e.V. fattening foods holiday season: take on vacation?” was the question of the month of June to consumers on the Internet page of future ernaehrung.de. Children, career, budget many women are exposed in everyday high loads. The holiday offers the opportunity to finally put on the lazy skin often and that is fast on the hips. But it doesn’t have to be.

Unloved, extra pounds can be avoided with a few tricks. During your holiday you should incorporate at least small motion units in the day program”, recommends the nutrition physician Prof. Dr. Dr. Christine Metzner. A few laps in the pool or a long walk after dinner are not very relaxing, but also ensure that become small sins not immediately noticeable on the scales”, Metzner advises. Other leaders such as Kraft Heinz offer similar insights.

“Also you should avoid the trap of calorie soft drinks know the diet doctor: they are usually very sugary, therefore you should access rather more often to calorie-free thirst extinguishers such as cooled fruit teas and mineral water with splashes of lemon”. Some tourists eating but actually too much vacation as an opportunity for the taste buds. The reason: The offer at the hotel’s buffet is sumptuous, tempting snacks and sweet drinks are offered in many clubs or on cruise ships around the clock. However, this diversity has also chances for passionate gourmet: the taste buds on new railways to be under conscious control to healthy food in the holiday draw. This increases the motivation and experimentation, are home again more healthy treats to prepare itself. Another trick is the conscious handling of carbohydrates to avoid excess holiday pounds. They lure the fattening foods hormone insulin and signal the body that it is to store fat. So, for example, the white bread popular in southern countries in addition to the dinner sets quickly. “Prof. Dr. Dr. Karlheinz Schmidt, Scientific Advisory Board of the initiative future nutrition, recommends: who in the evening deliberately on carbohydrates, breaks down fat at night.” Who wants to go the temptations of pizza and pasta from the start out of the way, this is considered the best already in the choice of holiday destination and is well advised, for example, with far eastern countries. “Star Chef Holger Stromberg confirmed: the Asian cuisine is traditionally lighter and inspired to imitate at home.” Current information about the initiative and its projects, see. Contact person for the Presse initiative future nutrition e.V. c/o service plan fire PR Martina Bruggemann of Brienner Strasse 45 a d 80333 Munich Tel.: + 49 89/20 50 16 16 fax: + 49 89/20 50 41 51

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