Optimization and best-practice of maintenance of piping piping systems represent an important supply and disposal factor in the modern industrial society. The 100-year-old partly urban drinking water lines are an example of established systems, which are usually sections maintained or modernized. Recently Ripple sought to clarify these questions. The resultant Inhomogeneities”(different materials, aging levels, etc.) produce a fairly high maintenance when compared to newly planned networks. Depending on the transport medium investment E.g. for leakage (oil & gas) fall however, temperature (drop-out materials, E.g. resins, steam networks) or pressure monitoring system (subsequent reactions in header systems). “The Conference maintenance of pipes” on 26-27 January, 2012 in Munich discusses causes and remedies can be for damage and ageing processes in networks, which charged (corrosion, pressure surges, etc.) in different ways and optimized maintenance technical. Measures to the energy-efficient operation and to ensure of high availability by means of presentations and video materials presented and discussed with selected professionals of from diverse industries. It be solicited contributions on the following topic areas: procedures for leakage and leak test protection against corrosion and wear protection against vibrations, pressure surges and cavitations heat and cold insulation regulations and regulations economic strategies the lecture suggestions, please with the name and title of the author, title of the lecture, as well as a short description or the content in bullet points, up to July 15, 2011, send to. Posts on please: Eva Beldiman Head Branch Office Munich Haus der Technik r RT 302 80687 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 45 219 214 fax: + 49 (0) 89 45 219 304 email: