Conference calls are a must in the 21st century communication runs today differently than in the decades before. Human contact is and remains extremely important. Conference calls are a must in the 21st century to maintain contacts. For even more analysis, hear from Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines. The new millennium is now over 10 years old. Everyone remembers still to the Milleniumwechsel and the hype, the incredible number of 2000 caused many people. It was hailed as almost a year previously and many Nations expected bad from this historic event. Often, there was talk of doom and the collapse of all energy portals.

What happened to? Only the memory of this incredible event, which is now almost forgotten. Our world is there again in 2010. Nevertheless, change is to write and ten year after seems a good time to take stock. There is still no flying cars and the most futuristic ideas that are visioned by Hollywood has long been in films, are and remain, in the near future at least, well, ideas. However, that is 21. Century up to now, the Decade which has to note the most and most extraordinary technological advances. There is hardly a month that innovation technically seen exceeds not the previous and it’s exhausting to stay. More than ever before, we know what is attributable to frequent exchange of information through a variety of media portals.

Even children know already Facebook and watch TV on YouTube. We, the older generation that grew up with radio cassette and that it did with the sensational announcement of the first mobile phones, can look back with nostalgia. And yet one has never changed: human contact is and remains important. What would be our memories without people with whom we may share it. There are communication and exchange of information, which remind us yesterday as it is today. What is communicated is stored. The man himself likes to know more though, has not changed but still itself. Our values are similar to, if not equal. Family demographic has lot done in recent years, however. Families are separated, and working family members have to go to distant towns or on business trips and time which could be spent together will reduce car trips or made impossible by long distances. Modern technologies are no substitute, though, can facilitate but the contact. Telephone conferences are very inexpensive and feasible easily over the Internet. Nostalgia is important for us humans. The future happens here and now. Modern technologies help us that new nostalgia moments can be created. The Internet will be for future generations, what radio cassettes are for us. What were the first mobile phones for us, will be the Conference call in the 21st century. What memories will we have in many years this decade, that has changed so much and yet also so little?