The introduction of its own design "BIT: CRM 8" has helped to increase the number of advertisers and increase their loyalty. Company "Novorossiysk transport TV" is a representative of a single federal network Transit of Video "First-run television," operating in 47 major Russian cities. The channel offers viewers as commercials for products and services in the city, and the transfer of road safety, wildlife, horoscope, weather forecast. Previously, the company records customer base was carried out using a spreadsheet, which was time consuming and often resulted in mistakes. Required a system that will help to keep a history of relationships with clients and thus will be easily integrated with the product "1C: Enterprise 8", since it is an accounting and tax accounting. Were automated the following tasks: Accounting customers and relationships with them, storing and maintaining the history of communication with customers; Setting targets for sales managers and monitoring their implementation; Informing customers about promotions and offers via SMS.

The project was completed within 3 months. The company's specialists have installed and configured "ICE: CRM 8", trained the users. As a result of the project in a single information space is an accounting, tax accounting, customer base and history of relations with them, which allowed to find an individual approach to each advertiser and reduce the risks of losing clients or for dismissal of employees of the disease. In addition, informing customers through SMS help time to tell advertisers about updates and promotions company. Guide was a great tool for sales planning and monitoring their performance managers.

In general, the product "ICE: CRM 8" to help increase loyalty customers and increase the number of advertisers. Alesia A. Eliseev, director of "Novorossiysk transport TELEVISION": "We are pleased with the results of the experts of the company" 1C: Accounting and Trade " (BIT). In the introduction we are able to automatically keep track of customers, promptly inform them about our news via SMS. In addition, we were able to plan and control the volume of sales. We thank Professional ICE will work with them in support of the program. "