Also other residues that sobram of the constructions. Checking article sources yields Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC as a relevant resource throughout. To minimize the residues of civil construction it is basic to have a professional of the area to more guide on technologies and constructive methods adjusted for each situation, preventing wastefulness and contributing for new applicabilities with a lesser amount of residues that will have to be the surplus. In this in case that it is important also to make the separation of the residues (glass, paper, metal, entulhos, plastic). These leftovers can still be reused in cooperatives that still use to advantage this material preventing the pollution of the environment and generating job and income. 3 QUESTIONS NORTEADORAS From the technological innovations are possible to construct houses with recycled material; The use of recycled material in the construction of houses can save expenses; Recycled material as substance cousin in the construction of houses can generate a bigger ambient balance; The exploitation of residues and other substances can diminish the volume of organic and inorgnico garbage.

4 4,1 OBJECTIVES GENERALITY To investigate the use of recycled material in the construction of houses and habitations. 4.2 SPECIFIC? To identify that types of recycled materials can be used in the construction of houses and habitations; To know recycling techniques that can help in the construction of houses and habitations; To contribute for the debate between theoreticians and researchers of the subject; To discover that types of materials can serve of substance cousin in the recycling for the civil construction of new houses and habitations. 5 METHODOLOGY This work will be developed using it strategy of the empirical research, making possible the analysis of the subject considered from the analysis of different authors and diverse bibliographical sources. The bibliographical research will assist in a reflection on the different perspectives of the construction of houses with recycled material. From the collection of the data the analysis will be made that will lead to the interpretation of the searched subject.