The best solution in all situations of our own lives are always looking at the possibility, what we want to do, our vision of things even above pressing circumstances. If not, we leave things and the world to be sorted in a way beyond our control. We become spectators, we close to what is forgetting that the possibility while he speaks of the future, is also something this is what is inside us. It is an attribute that belongs to us all, and is usually embodied in those beings that call us to do things. That magnetic power which radiate some, mysterious in most cases is the power of his vision. It is the power of his personal project. We know that of self-discovery are wonderful images of what really matters to us, what really motivates us in life. The image itself, is a way of thinking very complete, powerful, full of language and profound symbols rooted in our species.

Catch them, cherish our own images makes us build a vision, a world of its own which gives meaning to this world report. He who has vision has direction. And which has address builds relationships and leadership. The leader motivates with images. You know bring to our mind, it has a very powerful communication, takes his world to ours so we see the possibility of something new.

Ever limit yourself to see just what it remembers that you are missing out on the chance to see something more. That something more, is you. The vision, the art of the possible, is one of the subjects that should be always considered a leader.