Increased convenience for the system interface users. Have been set up jobs – AWP sales manager, purchasing and merchandising. ARM interface is organized so that the user can 'at a glance' the entire volume of information he needs to work. For example, a sales manager, serving the customer can immediately determine whether the client debts, to assess the possibility of granting discounts (available data on costs, prices key competitors, etc.), to obtain information about inventory in stock, similar products, the expected revenue in the near future, etc. This will significantly improve service quality and reduce time to decision-making. Automated registration of resales within the holding in the context of the business units of the company. Purchases made on one or more business units, and sale of goods to the final buyer can carried out by another business unit. Transfer of goods from one business unit to another company made for a given scheme of internal re-sale.

As a result of reduced costs of procurement records and resale within the holding. Implemented a record bonus of suppliers / customers and costs. Costing and profitability was possible, taking into account bonuses / expenses that can be predicted (pre-emptive registration) as well as Bonus / expenses that can not be predicted (actual records). The new system cost is calculated faster distribution of bonus payments to suppliers, customers and other counterparties is more correctly, resulting in improved customer loyalty and suppliers. Optimized financial costs of this site, users receive objective data for management purposes only.