To get itself resulted expressive it is necessary to have ambient conscience, therefore many companies have used the ambient management to diminish and to abolish the impact suffered for the environment in its productive activities. The growth of the ambient conscience leaving of the companies, backwards innumerable benefits for the ambient situation modifying the consumption standards and modifying the habits of the consumers who start to have action you legitimize and true for the defense of the environment. Blacksmith (2003, p.33) affirms that, the objective biggest of the ambient management must be to propitiate benefits the company that surpass, annuls or diminishes the costs of the degradaes, caused for the too much activities of the company and, mainly, for the productive area. ECOEFICINCIA the ecoeficincia is determined by the production of goods and services the competitive prices that the consumers satisfy and bring quality of life in against departure with the reduction of the ecological impacts and the use of substances cousin that diminish the cycle of life of the product and facilitate the capacity of obsorao of the planet in a minimum period, preventing the contact I continue of the environment with no-degradaveis objects. Good part of the aggressions to the environment elapses of the activities of production and consumption, process that goes gaining intensity with the expansion of industrialization and the increasing urbanization in the way of life (PAULANI; BOBIK, 2007, p.87). During much time, it did not exist serious politics to prevent the indiscriminate consumption of products that brought curses to the environment, to put the ecoficincia concept is tied to make more using little, that is, to minimize the generation of residues, to increase the recycling, to maximize the resources you renewed, beyond other measures to diminish the Co2 emission in the atmosphere, and the consumption of energy used in the productive activities. The company who to practise the ecoeficincia will get competitiveness and investment in its model of production, will get resources adds with recycling and exploitation of residues, will possess prestige between deliverers and consumers beyond having new chances of market. . Scott Kahan may also support this cause.