The purpose of the exhibition – a demonstration of the latest achievements in the field of construction, protection, diagnosis and repair of pipeline transport systems, promoting the establishment and development of business contacts, development of cooperation in science and technology and industry, attraction of investments, development of innovation. Participation in the exhibition 'Pipeline' will provide an opportunity for companies and organizations demonstrate new materials, equipment, techniques and technologies of construction and safe operation of pipelines, to establish and develop business relationships, exchange of modern scientific and technical information. Sections specialized exhibition 'Pipeline' 1. Pipes (steel, cast iron, polymer) and connecting elements 2. Compressors, pumps, industrial: – Centrifugal and water supply systems – wells for water lifting – centrifugal and svobodnovihrevye for waste liquids – Centrifugal transportation, oil refining – chemical – Process: pumps-crushers, pumps, mixers, etc.

3. Industrial valves (valves for sale):-valves for power – valves for the oil and gas industry – fitting for chemically aggressive environments – valves for water supply and sanitation – Building fittings – fittings – valves actuators for – sealing and cushioning materials 4. Machinery and equipment for the construction of pipeline transportation systems 5. Equipment and technologies for joining of Pipe 6. Monitoring and certification of pipeline systems 7. Materials, equipment and techniques for nondestructive testing and technical diagnostics 8. Materials and technologies for corrosion protection of pipelines 9.

System security, communications, and communications 10. System of gas, water and heating in public services: – industrial boilers and industrial gas equipment – products for fuel and energy saving technology 11. Environment Protection 12. Emergency repair work.