If a person signs up through your link, it will be your counterpart, and you’ll profit from it. Quite simply, if you are good at advertising through Internet, if not, then this is not for you. There are other affiliate programs, for example, the company’s Agave – registering, you get a free website, promoting that you get the money. There are also affiliate stores when the product will buy on your site, then part of the profit you get. A third way of earning through the Internet: If you have a website, then you can make money by selling advertising spaces. Not necessarily seek advertiser’s own, there are many advertising agencies.

Once registered in one of them, you get a html-code that is inserted into any page of your site. If your high enough TCI and PR, then $ 100 a month – it is not limit. The fourth way of earning through the Internet: sell electronic goods: books, scripts, avatars, logos, pictures, text – is not a complete list of electronic goods. To sell such goods, you do not necessarily create your page, it suffices to use one of the electronic stores and auctions. Sign up, lay out their wares, and the system itself will sell. The only problem is to create electronic goods, which will be very important and rare. Example: One person created a script, sell it for $ 9 per copy, has sold 2000 copies. The fifth way of earning through the internet: Offer service on the market, the more rare and relevant service, the greater your earnings.

Advertising, design, coding, programming, problem solving in mathematics and physics – all services. Services can be offered in stores, auctions, forums, friends through icq. Gradually, you earn a name for itself in the network, and you will not pay for the result, but for what you got down to business. On solving 4 problems in higher algebra I earned $ 10 – spent about 25 minutes. Six ways to earn through the Internet: Investing in different projects and initiatives. On the Internet many people who have ideas and no money. This is the most dangerous type of earnings, because the Internet is “Grifters,” which will take money from you and will not do anything. So be sure to check and ask for a scan of the passport. Projects for investment can always be found on forums and sites such topics, just type in a search engine: “We need an investor.” Conclusion: On the Internet you can earn money. Do not be afraid to make Error, the main thing is not to repeat them.