Coaching, is a learning process of teaching people to think and to express themselves, to search for knowledge on the background of themselves. Sheryl Sandberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Nowadays Coaching has spread as a tool for development, primarily in corporate executives. However its raison d ‘ etre, has no limits. As the field of action is unlimited. It not speak the benefits of that process. The aim of this article is to show the origin of his techniques.

Llamese as you call. The Committee recommends if you want, read dialogues of Plato but who was the creator of what today is called Coaching? Socrates was its creator. The philosopher Socrates Greek (470 BC 399 BC) used to meet daily with his disciples in the Agora (Athens antique market), to discuss philosophical and existential issues. Socrates never wrote a line. After his death, his thoughts were gathered by Plato (429 BC – 347 BC), one of his disciples. This was in his famous: dialogues. The Socratic method was to propose topics, instigating ideas with questions, listen to what the disciples had to say, teach and learn primarily. Its objective was to develop people.

Open your minds and find learning within if same. The time spent with his disciples was sacred to the. The exercise of learning was daily, constant, without date, times and agendas to fulfill. After more than 2,500 years, its method of work (La Maieutics), transformed dwarf of the most important tools of human resources executives. In the modern enterprise version, the Socratic technique won a different name: coaching. web of the author: original author and source of the article.