Then, it does not try that he is the other the one that makes all the changes. It must accept the responsibility that touches to him in a relation. a will of commitment in these situations is always a solution guarantee. When the relation was constructed being based on the mutual respect is easier to arrive at good port in conflict situations. Nevertheless, even in these cases, sometimes is difficult to reach the agreement. This happens when the two parts feel that already they have yielded the sufficient thing. How to come in these situations? Somebody must take the first step; although this supposes major vulnerability. Otherwise, the risks that are run are: not to advance in the objectives of the relation by a stagnation or, which is worse, to finish with the relation.

is not necessary to commit the error to think that those people will let in case single bring about conflicts if she is unknown them. To face them of offensive way because of its behavior does not take to good results either. the best way to obtain changes with these people is to construct positive connections with them. For example: to share time and to know its lives. In addition, asegrese to make center in the conflict and not in the people who apparently are involved in him. To look for guilty only exacerbates the problem.

Realice all the conversations that they were necessary but always in private. Quite often, the cause of conflicting personalities must to external factors to the labor relation. Beyond these considerations, the consulting group stands out that all these questions take to I raise of the main subject in the labor relations: an open and honest communication is the base of all relation. This is obtained through an attitude that as much demonstrates confidence in the words as in the facts, says the study.