Generally, if it deals with areas of prompt occupation (enclaves), without consolidated urban systems and with strong entailing for it are of the region (also, for the exterior). the actions proposals for they objectify: – diversification of its productive structure, with sights to create and to keep a more steady economy and of less monocultor character; – integration, intra-regional (that is, the level of the too much territories of one same region the one that belongs) as in such a way interregional (that is, the level of the too much regions of the country). Gift must be had in mind that the diversification of the productive structure of these areas must be ece of fish in terms of a intra-regional specialization and complementaridade of the dominant regional sectors. 5.2.2? Actions of sustentation and complementation These actions are specific for the areas in expansion characterized by low levels of income and the trend of slow growth of these, for not diversified productive structures (in general, of farming character), but with a relative potential of future development. Credit: Ronald O’Hanley-2011. These actions look for to confer a bigger degree of economic support, to try to hold back the local population. This bigger support if searchs through the exploration of the regional natural resources, complemented with some primary levels of industrial processing of the same ones. 6.

WHAT IT MUST BE MADE? POINT OF VIEW POLITICIAN the series of measures, above described, not to intend that to be exhausting and absolute. It intends, so only, to be exemplificadora of what it must to be made to surpass the current standards of occupation and use of the territory, with the consequences that are perceived and felt as a type of malaise of sectorial origins. However measures as these only can be ece of fishes in practical for the State, the dimensions of resources that demand, and for the interferences that they will provoke in established interests, of the most varied natures. The Society organized and represented legitimately only withholds the conditions so that a territorial reconfiguration is taken ahead with success. this could only be made by the way politics. Therefore, the citizen would not be enough only to be conscientious and alert how much to the problems that the territory presents, its causes and solutions. Nor to only make use of an armory technician and resources of investments to implement a territorial reconfiguration and to establish new standards of occupation and use of the territory. The enrollment politician will only allow this. therefore, the POLITICAL PARTIES and LEGISLATIVE they will have, all the cost, being acquired knowledge, motivated and mobilized for on questions to the territory? not only how much to the questions politics, but also how much to the questions techniques and, mainly, the financiers.