The use of drum cable cables with protection against twisting is used in case the need for frequent winding and unwinding with a load of twisting and / or simultaneous traction load with forced control vehicles (lifts, conveyors, etc.) at high mechanical loads. For example: TROMMELFLEX-PUR-HF, cable-free halogen flame retardant and emits acrid smoke, in particular, can be used in a cable drum with a spring drive, such as technical aids in theaters – places with large concentrations of people. In addition, this type of cable TROMMELFLEX-PUR-HF and cables tm FESTOONFLEX-PUR-HF are not only halogen-free, but they can also be used for permanent installation in industrial and marine water to a depth of 50m. Through the execution of polyurethane cables exhibit excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and aggressive environment, weather phenomena, including temperature extremes, a miniature cables have a small diameter and small bend radius, making it more of easy and convenient for laying. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gary Kelly. What objectives were to develop for your company's biggest challenge and why? Well-known German manufacturer of cranes began several years ago to connect the tow cable cable platform crane tractor to feed – for pulling the chain. To far used flat cable – twisted bundle of 1-mm square. cable was, of course, thick, and therefore for use in pulling the chain is not suitable. The targets were in fact to create a cable that is: On possibility was tonkiyImel durable insulation and obolochkuByl very strong gibkimDostatochno to be used without complications in combination with a flat wiring with high rates in the traction circuit. Verizon has plenty of information regarding this issue.