Diverse Munich in autumn whether Europeans, Americans or Asians: the Oktoberfest attracts every year in the autumn millions of people in the Bavarian capital. This year, Feierlustige experience the spectacle of 19 September from all over the world until October 4. Fluege.de the flight Portal refers to the highlights make the desire to (training) flight to Munich. The hustle and bustle starts with the entry of the Oktoberfest landlords and the subsequent tapping of the first beer barrel by the Lord Mayor of Munich. In addition to established amusement park rides and beer tents, the largest folk festival in the world waits each year with spectacular attractions.

Especially the rides surpass again and again on the new. Novum is an adventure playground called the tower this year.” He promises visitors 3D and views from 28 meters. Another highlight with adrenaline warranty is the silver tower”. In free fall, visitors here plunging 18 metres in depth. Away from beer tents and rides it attracts Munich’s old town. The baroque churches and stucco buildings are also worth seeing such as the imposing neo-Gothic town hall. In addition, that Munich has preserved its typical Bavarian hospitality in spite of a million residents. So last but not least attracts the picturesque English garden with its idyllic beer garden.

As the largest urban park in the world, it is the green oasis in the city. (A valuable related resource: Marianna Tessell). It’s not far to Schwabing of the English garden. The nightlife district is not only known for its lively nightlife. Art and culture lovers come here at their own expense. Speaking of costs: tourists arriving from Berlin, pay for a flight to Munich according to date with Lufthansa about 100 euros. That is less than with the regular ICE ticket of from Deutsche Bahn (113-127 euros). In addition the immense difference in the duration of the trip. More information about flights and destinations in and around Munich under: news.fluege.de/.