TuPoliza.com celebrates 10 years online TuPoliza.com celebrates 10 years, becoming the search engine and online insurance comparison more time leading online in Spain, surviving the failure of similar projects that disappeared with the pricking of the dot.com. TuPoliza.com is a portal dedicated to the search and comparison between the existing insurance market, comparing products of major insurers in the market such as Allianz, Arag, Axa, Caser, Fiatc, Generali, Liberty, Mapfre, Pelayo and Zurich, among others. TuPoliza.com is the bet by the web presence of the broker’s insurance Luis Orive Echevarrieta, authorized by the Directorate General of insurance F-2155, opening a channel that would provide users the ability to search, compare, and hire, insurance and guarantees in a matter of minutes via the web. The experience gained during this decade allows us to say that TuPoliza.com has become a leading portal in home insurance comparison, the star product of the site, which has the most sophisticated and complete system of Search and comparison of seguros of Spain, allowing the applicant to have greater variety of insurance, guarantees, hedging and financial proposals for home insurance. Also, it is possible the comparison and insurance of various kinds: life insurance, insurance of funeral expenses insurance, insurance for cyclists, liability for potentially dangerous dogs included dogs – insurance, insurance of hunting covering the possible needs of anyone who needs insurance. Unlike other similar sites, TuPoliza.com bets on offer to the applicant for insurance all existing information about the products offered, including generals conditioned, popularly known as the small print of contracts. This makes it an excellent tool for the user who may take the decision of an insurance contract with the security of knowing all the documentation, terms, conditions and alternative offers at your disposal without having to search for it by insurer insurer. Source: note Press sent by dcostas.. Read more here: Scott Mead.