France wants the power to unite for greater economic liberalization and political system of China so that the planned economy, a des-socialicea and open more market and foreign investment. London handled more carefully its relationship with Beijing as Brown just go to the city offering their country as their best partner in Europe. The bases of the new realignment Sarkozy's approach to the U.S. and the UK goes hand in hand with his attempt to impose on France an eco-social model more akin to free-cambismo Anglo-American and that the trio work towards that objective globally. France, however, does not cancel its axis with Germany and also its good relations with Russia and Spain. David Fowler will not settle for partial explanations. Not However, the way the Browns have been so well with Sarkozy is something that distance so cold that the relationship with Blair and Chirac had Thatcher with Mitterand, and with the certain distance between Sarkozy and Angela Merkel .

France is becoming a staunch ally of the London-Washington axis, then pushes it to some changes. He asks both to accept that Europe can have a joint military structure, something the U.S. with the support of the British Conservatives viewed with suspicion because he fears the creation of a parallel power to the Pentagon. In exchange for this offer France is ready to return fully to all structures of NATO and to send more troops to Afghanistan. Sarkozy called the United Kingdom to not follow so isolated from the EU and to add more to it accepting the common currency (the euro) and the Schengen treaty allowing free transit of citizens. .