Free real estate calculation Portal starts the blog investment real estate! Tegernsee, in November 2009: now can be blogged around the property on the real estate Fachblog. This blog will be looked after members the real estate navigation portal for free calculations around the Anlageimmobilie.Die imnav tips and information about investment properties on the market. Tax forms until the notion of current objects, here all blogged is sales events, sales training, or updates to the legislation. The exchange of knowledge is considered investment real estate still mysteries in the industry. Whether it is an architectural monument, refurbishment, stock apartment or a care property in connection with tax advantages, the exchange of information among professionals is important, because only so it can be prevented that a mistake is repeats. Who is the real estate Fachblog thought? First and foremost is the new Kominikationsmedium of the on the investment real estate adviser in the Federal territory.

Certainly should also interested readers, that deal with the theme of “Investment property”, or “Save tax on rent” feel addressed and informed. If brokers, financial institutions, join the real estate seller, Bank consultants, tax advisors or builders in this blog and report on your experiences and tips, this may be useful only for the readers of expert real estate. What is on the real estate Fachblog? In first line, all centered around the rented real estate. Topics will deliver treated the two pages of information, the provider and the Verbraucher.Mitglieder in this blog will receive information about new legislation, objects, sales training and events and are thus always informed about the current state of affairs.As a blog by exchanging living information, also include suggestions and criticism of the members or readers. The exchange of professional information will be always in sight! Practical experience, such as a report for a seminary or a report on a visit to an object are just as much in the blog how entertaining it was found on the net. This blog because every reader at any time has the opportunity to express its opinion on the contributions of the members, can be a help for other readers uach to respond to certain comments. Interesting posts can be linked to a bookmarking service like Mister Wong and integrated. Use the blog as a reader and write your comments for a maximum interactivity of the real estate of expert. You can now Exchange blogging and information relating to the investment property under press contact: RAS GmbH pension stone Anna Lena chard Ludwig Erhard Platz 4 83703 GMUND am Tegernsee phone: 08022 66 16 26 eMail: