In general, in this case, a document is working on the monitor that is located to one side of the desk, far from the eyes. Suggestion close the work item to the center of vision and do not place it always on the same side, switch sides. SHOULDER fatigue or pain in the shoulder usually occurs by poor posture, which causes muscle tension, and is evident because shoulders are very lifted or downgraded to the body: * If your shoulders are very high this in General is due to the work surface is very high, in that case you can lower keyboard, desk, lift Chair or put support for the feet.** The elbows are supported by armrests that are too high. To solve this problem remove or slightly lower the armrests, or change of Chair.** The backrest of the Chair is very high; down * the person is very tense and this is reflected in the shoulders. Suggestion drop shoulders, let your arms hang awhile; make circular movements of shoulders, repeat them several times.* Shoulder far behind; proceed to solve this problem as suggested in the second paragraph. Explore if the keyboard is very close and if so push it forward. Check your posture, it is sitting upright with the head in a straight line to the body.

BACK and leg injuries that occur on the back and legs, pain of varying intensity, are usually caused by: * muscle Tension or poor posture, and have much to do with the setting that help you to furniture with which we are working. The key to avoid these hassles is to work in a comfortable position in which the body is relaxed and not be stressful muscles or tendons. We are already in the previous section to the importance of checking the height to the keyboard, which must be referring to what we want to add by emphasizing the importance of using an adjustable Chair that will adequately support the lower part of the back and whose height allow the person rest comfortably feet on the ground to prevent inter alia circulatory problems.Inappropriate seat It is desirable that the seat has rounded edges to prevent poor circulation in thighs. Summarizing important is that Chair: can be adjusted (up and down); provide support for the lower back (it is not advisable to use seat without backrest); the seat should be padded and have rounded edges; the armrests if they exist, must be adjustable.* Incorrect posture. Assume the correct operating posture: back resting on the back of the Chair, feet touching the floor, arms and wrists straight. Source: well, I hope to not wait to get to the neck pain to investigate about it and prevent, now, if you pass you the same thing to me, what I recommend is to do the following by those coincidences: 1-query to your medical 2 – get someone that makes you massages, because tension and muscle Contracture 3-apply heat over the area for is relax muscle 4 – leave a while pc and sientante in a comfortable armchair, if you got to the neck pain is because these working hard and you may need a rest.