Risk suffering the population for your health and your well-being increasingly vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Increased disease susceptibility and specific deficiency diseases are the result, depending on what substances are lacking. 1997 was a study of the European Commission, that there “is one or more population groups minerals and trace elements for almost all vitamins, taking less than the recommended minimum amount to”. What are vitamins and what they do? Vitamins are compounds which are composed of different elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. They are produced by plants and animals and can be found in plant and animal products. Although they are present in food, they contain due to their low intake neither calories nor to the weight or to change the taste of food contribute. Because food is the source of our energy, vitamins have the function to convert food into energy.

This is just a function. Vitamins are in childhood essential for growth and development of the body, including the bone, tissue and the nervous system. We rely on vitamins for a whole lifetime, they are responsible for the health of our body and the healing of wounds and injuries. The circulation, blood vessels and blood need vitamins, as well the glands, which produce chemical substances called hormones. For all these reasons, lack of vitamins can cause a number of diseases and symptoms.

In fact, for each vitamin, deficiency diseases are known. What are minerals? Minerals are inorganic nutrients contained in contrast to vitamins in the ground and in the water. The mineral content of vegetable food depends on the soil where fruits and vegetables are grown. The mineral content of the feed is dependent on in meat and dairy products, which are used in animal feeding. Minerals can replace vitamins and vice versa, although their Functions in the body have some similarities. How developed a vitamin and mineral deficiency? Such deficiency comes slowly and insidiously: first empty the body’s vitamin store. The stores are depleted, the vitamin content in the blood decreases, and the vitamins can no longer fully perform their tasks as control and control substances in the metabolism. Followed by symptoms such as being errors, fatigue and susceptibility to infection later can be the to real deficiency anaemia: Tip: pay attention to healthy diet, some sports and may in addition take dietary supplements.