Porqueh very of what to treat I will speak, especially, of the process of produona edition of these texts, because, appears, thus, a new reader, acreditoque each more conscientious time of the contexts that format the umescritor opinion. It, the reader, it will have chance to investigate, to search to ereconhecer realities before not to the reach of the pages printed, isso a reality. It will be able to verify some treatments given to a temaespecfico or to a subject of its interest and to think the sources and, many times, to verify the bibliographical references, everything to seualcance in one alone click. Limitations always will have as much what it reads as oque writes. Being thus, it must one in such a way as another one to orient itself for when always possible selective umaleitura. To entertain is good, but we will sequeremos to conquer assduos readers and fidelizados, we need emitiridias and data with the had precision and credibility. Dotadode more contextual information, in deep dialogue with the gnerosliterrios, the new reader and the new writer find here indispensable uminstrumento for its formation, as well as a challenge to emlidar with the democratization of the access propitiated for the net noendereamento of its ideas.

All we are, here, very next dacoletividade. Our expectations interests despite they are muitopessoais and they want to provoke reactions of most subjective in other devemrespeitar to that they sail and that they are forming its opinion, the suapersonalidade and its character. I know that my pupils are of eye in queescrevo. I believe to be healthful to register what I think about the spaces where oexerccio of this freedom does not disrespect the values and the principles deuma culture, of the good behavior and of what he makes to generate citizenship. Graas Internet and to the empreendedorismo of the publishers of tools WEB, aquiacorrem famous and anonymous writers.