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The World Hockey Association was created by the promoters Americans Dennis Murphy and Gary Davidson, founder and president of the American Basketball Association respectively. Both managed to attract the NYSE Canadian investor Bill Hunter in the matter, thus ensuring a significant presence in Canadian cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg who helped the creation of the new championship.
The WHA is estrenaria with major standards that marked differences from the NHL, such as franchises in new cities, the freedom to pay wages to players and the withdrawal of the reservation clause. This draws the attention of several NHL players and fans of ice hockey, the NHL fights to expand its championship teams to two more: New York Islanders and Atlanta Flames.
In November 1971 the WHA officially announced for the first twelve teams championship. Several teams were located in cities that did not have its own hockey team like Ottawa or Miami, and others where there was already more than a team such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. However, several problems with shipments the franchises or even disappearance of some of the Founders (as the Miami Screaming Eagles), who had to be replaced with new ones, caused the delay of the DNA competition.
Most of the players of the first championship came from minor league hockey or NHL players who had no minutes in their clubs, but the situation took an unexpected DNA testing kits turn in 1972. Bobby Hull, who by then was regarded as one of the best left end of the day, I come to ensure Ironically, with respect finance to some rumors about a possible transfer because of an upset with his salary, which will only be marcharia to the WHA if you pay a million dollars, a figure then considered astronomical contracts of the time. Surprisingly, one of the Canadian franchises (Winnipeg Jets) offered a contract for a million dollars a year for five years plus a bonus upon signing of a million more, and without doubt Hull signed by the new club. Doctors and Lawyers ill request because it proves who is the father The signing of Hull was the trigger for further engagements of stars of the NHL from the WHA.