Systematic training and the sales representative of the company KLAFS is committed to the goal, to expand their successful global market leadership as a manufacturer of sauna, bathing and wellness facilities for private and commercial use. Therefore, the DLS-cooperation as a training partner was included within the framework of a systematic education and training their area sales manager and sales consultant for the over 60 salespeople.? The seminar series consisted of several phases. Starting from several days kick-off events to build training days the consultant groups divided according to regions. Objective of this training measure as a whole was among other things, continue to support the field sales manager in its role as a leader, especially in the important areas of social skills, complete with goals and employee motivation. “With the sales consultant stood by the systematic and structured approach win the customers and the customers as a friend” in the foreground. Were supported by the thematic wells various case studies, which were analysed on the basis of targeted video training.? The seminars were in the House of sauna & Spa “in the headquarters of KLAFS in Schwabisch Hall instead.” To support the implementation of the learned, through a specific online training module was accompanied the sales team during the interim practice.? The positive response of the participants confirmed the KLAFS sales. The qualified support of the DLS-cooperation, the successful company development of over 500 employees could be continued. DLS cooperation Ralf Hesser