Worried about a management of results and trying to keep a relative indifference to the emotions lived deeply for the population, the population, independent of position tried to carry through my activities with all politics. This was my bigger learning has seen that my theoretical formation and my rationality were not enough to understand this world of emotions and feelings. At many moments I felt an immense homesickness of my family and my urban references; of the access easinesses, of communication and information; of the leisure and consumption possibilities. On the other hand, it was in this world that I found a peace enormous, without Internet, car, periodicals and magazines, only walking in the track of the airport, or in the road of the Agrovila, during the night, under millions of stars that seemed to be to punctures, caused for the full ones, enters the twigs of immense almost submerged trees. In that scene, it was in the eaves of the port, after 17h 30m, trying to frighten the most incredible solitude and looking at for of sun that exists. It folloied the sprouting of indescritveis colors, after an other, until the appearance of> welded of the rubber. Sertanejos that had come to tame the forest and its seringueiras and that they had lost when changing dries northeast for the abundance of waters, the flora and the Amazonian fauna.

The habit of the isolation, acquired for the seringueiro, alone in its rank, having that to walk hours of the bush inside cutting syringe, lasts until today in the localization of the marginal habitations. Families live distant ones of the others, boat hours, and they do not obtain to deal with the resultant conflicts of the convivncia in bigger groups. They had been these families had received who me from opened arms, with sincere smiles, always with a good history to count, or with a hope to receive.