The new Captain America movie provokes his cartoons are very popular again. Bernard Golden has firm opinions on the matter. It was created in the 1940s, when the villainous major who could face was Hitler. After World War II, their stories had to change to engage readers. If a few days ago it was Green Lantern (Green Lantern), now it’s the turn of Captain America. The premiere of this film has led to the publication of several comics about the most Yankee of superheroes, whose classic adventures can now enjoy in the comprehensive volume the living legend. The character was released in 1940 through the Timely editorial, that years later would change its original name by Marvel Comics. The company had grown during the Decade of 1930s thanks to its huge catalogue of pulp magazines, but sales had fallen and a change of direction was imposed. Martin Goodman (owner of Timely) decided to hire Joe Simon, a writer and cartoonist used to team up with another artist named Jack Kirby.

The hiring of Simon also meant the arrival of Kirby, and the work of this team would become fundamental in the trajectory of the editorial, explains Raimon Fonseca, expert in comics, in the prologue of the living legend (Panini). Working on the realization of superhero comics, Simon and Kirby thought often need to imagine great villains. At that time, just when the second world war ravaging Europe, what villain greater than Adolf Hitler himself?, asks the reporter. The creation of a superhero who put in place the nazi dictator was imposed, and could not be other than Captain America. It was a character of nature patriotic, capable of synthesizing the values of freedom and symbolize the struggle of democracy against fascism, says Fonseca. The idea thrilled Martin Goodman, who decided to give his collection to the Sentinel of liberty, an unusual decision and the that rarely characters enjoyed again cuno.