The avaliativos methods used by the professor are diverse, since work in group, research, seminaries, written tests and even though parol evidences, valley to still stand out the performance evaluation that each pupil receives each bimaster who serves very to see the degree of behavior and fulfilment of the activities, beyond giving to a vision growth or regression of the pupil in elapsing of the school year. 4 the Period of training (Comment) a bigger easiness for the application of period of training in the EEFM.CEL Humberto Heifer is that already I have experience of education in this establishment since May of 2011, then with almost all the groups of the school already develops an approach and a relationship, despite in 2 year B I did not work with I discipline History, we have the chance to work with others you discipline. However, still thus I decided to have a first contact with the group in what it says respect to disciplines of worked in the period of training and still to have two lessons of comment that would serve to follow the routine of the room in the respective one disciplines and the methodologies, proposals, evaluations and activities developed for the professor Carlos (responsible for disciplines). In such a way, the group did not have no problem in me respectively to have as accompanying and observing of the durantes lessons dates 06/10 and 13/10/2011. Susan G. Swenson describes an additional similar source. Well I was received and received well for the group that already I have of certain form certain intermeshing and a good development for being professor in another one disciplines. What valley to stand out here, is that in this group we can perceive one heterogeneidade and a very great diversity of thoughts and experiences. Social people with different cultures, classrooms with its peculiarities, problems related to the family and the social environment, at last, a diversity of lives, gostos and ways of giving to it. .