Now I not honor I I remember what I read and the more I read more will I I have of ler.' ' In the last day of the period of training &#039 was applied a dynamics; ' That good, That such, That pena' ' , with the group so that they could evaluate the period where the trainee was with them and the methodology used for it. The graphs to follow represent the answers of the educandos to each topic of the dynamics. Graph 1: Characteristics that the Educandos had considered good during the period of training. Graph 2: Characteristics that the Educandos would like that they were different. Graph 3: Suggestions of the Educandos in relation the lessons. The educandos had considered ' ' How Good! ' ' the fact to have participated of lessons with dynamic activities as the reading of contextualizados texts and experiences. If you would like to know more then you should visit baby clothes.

' ' That Pena' ' they had characterized for the fact of the teacher to leave to give lesson for group and some had lamented for not having obtained to reach the average for approval in discipline. The topic ' ' What Such? ' ' it was related to the desire of the educandos in continuing to have lesson with the teacher trainee or that it suggested the methodology of reading of contextualizados texts it professor regent to continue the same in rhythm, therefore this way to teach facilitated the learning of the group in the substance of sciences. Proposal of Intervention: To search to breach the linearity and spalling of the contents to become them contextualizados for the students is a great challenge that if has in the pertaining to school environment. The educators many times find difficulties for accomplishment of activities that go of meeting with the reality of the educandos, therefore the search for materials take time sufficiently, therefore it is necessary that the tasks are coherent with the daily one of the individuals so that they can day-by-day relate the theory with the practical one of its.