The coaching football 2008 stood to win. ALL INTERNATIONAL WITH! A total of 28 teams gave everything on the course to win the football event of the year on September 13. To know more about this subject visit David Fowler. The charity tournament “Ruhr-Kicker 2008” was a great success for the team, the numerous fans and of course for the SOS Children’s villages and the “we help children e.V.”, for which a total could be earned 3,000 euros! The ceremony in the Steffi-Oberhausen followed a thrilling final and after the guests at the buffet had strengthened, with live music and a cool blonde until late in the evening into vigorously celebrated. Coaching-Kicker08 played for SOS Children’s villages and we help children e.V. The coaching Kicker08 occurred on September 13 to the Ruhr foosball tournament in favor of the Association “We help children” and have coped valiantly. This soccer courts are nothing for Zartbeseitete really, here is neatly cut the ball, the only chance to avoid bruises in our team, is a hard-hitting strategy If our troops in advance had once trained, wenn…dann would have been unstoppable it was getting better and better thanks to Costa, the former Greek international… Conclusion: For the Cup there was not enough yet this year, but as you can see the “frogs” are positively noticed. On Sunday our goalkeeper of Dirk Peters in the ambulance and had to treat the hands, he is with Toni Schumacher in conjunction to be installed, that means something…Get well soon dear Dirk and thank you for your strong commitment. Loyal fan, tournament-experienced and equipped with all the utensils of a real fan fired Jil Masthoff the whole troop on up in the third game. Great class! Gabriele Masthoff head of the Institute staff coaching