As it achieved he knows attention with small messages from he knows me his recommendations are really good. According to this principle, the new works: he created the information Organizer of numerous individual tips for subscribers. Each week you will receive an email: what is the personal favorite broadcasters and what going on in the residential area of own? Clearly, these insider tips will be read and followed. More and more providers sign so their events directly at He specifically passes the tips at the right time and thus more visitors and a higher awareness. A positive side effect: with regular insider tips in the messages of the organizers maintain close contact to potential visitors and close to their fans in the distance.

Customer loyalty made easy! Also interested in subscribers who still didn’t know the Organizer, notice the diverse actions and come sooner or later. the weekly personal mail events E.g. scheduled promotions, tours, exhibitions, an open day, farm visits, can be the Christmas market at the Museum and many others. Changing small artists, organizers of events, a circus, or other”have the ability to specify their changing venues well in advance or just a few days before. The reveals all insider tips each on Friday before the start of the event. Also, modified opening hours or a winter special is a good tip for the

The audience is more versatile as it can be reached by an in-house newsletter. Special events for subscribers as a magnet for visitors informs how many subscribers of, is clearly understandable for organisers. Events that are specially created for subscribers of the become the real insider’s tip. The publication of all events is still completely free during the winter months. Who is now registered as a writer for, can take four months long test, a good customer loyalty is how successful.