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Schimmelbeseitiger Mold

Informed about every third House in Germany suffering from mold infestation Heino Rathje construction services from Hamburg. In many cases, only a professionally guided mold remediation, the basis of which the TuV certified specialists by Heino Rahtje construction services can explain, creates lasting remedy. Mold infestation significantly reduced the comfortable quality of the houses. However, not only mold stains and unpleasant odours are to complain about. The more than 100,000 known species of molds are most harmful to health and trigger allergies, for example. Details can be found by clicking Philip Vasan or emailing the administrator. Also, many fungi attacking the building substance of buildings.

For the spread of mold infestation, it needs just a little moisture and heat. Fails to blow the lid off this food based, conventional Schimmelbeseitiger which has no sustained effect. Given the ubiquitous spread of mold spores, a faster new infestation occurs in this case. Purpose of professional mold remediation is therefore not simply to the fungal growth on the surface eliminate, but its causes on the ground to go and fight them with sustainable effectiveness. This is first of all to identify hidden mold herd and determine the moisture sources relevant for their survival. The analysis of room air and mold allows the planning of professional measures to the permanent removal of the mold and the prevention of a further spread. Often, mold remediation, intervention in the building are necessary.

Thermal insulations must new as, be exchanged plasterboard, completely remove the mold herd and improved the ventilation of the House. Such works require an expert for mold remediation, which is experienced in dealing with the health-threatening problem, because the necessary construction measures must be both effective as running too safe for everyone. The Hamburg-based company Heino Rathje construction services engaged a TuV-certified specialist for professional mold remediation and leads in the Interest of its customers expert, sufficient all health and technical standards, remedial measures. Advanced mold remediation questions his staff at any time.

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Customer Loyalty

As it achieved he knows attention with small messages from he knows me his recommendations are really good. According to this principle, the new Kulturkun.de works: he created the information Organizer of numerous individual tips for subscribers. Each week you will receive an email: what is the personal favorite broadcasters and what going on in the residential area of own? Clearly, these insider tips will be read and followed. More and more providers sign so their events directly at Kulturkun.de. He specifically passes the tips at the right time and thus more visitors and a higher awareness. A positive side effect: with regular insider tips in the messages of the Kulturkun.de organizers maintain close contact to potential visitors and close to their fans in the distance.

Customer loyalty made easy! Also interested in Kulturkun.de subscribers who still didn’t know the Organizer, notice the diverse actions and come sooner or later. Kulturkun.de the weekly personal mail events E.g. scheduled promotions, tours, exhibitions, an open day, farm visits, can be the Christmas market at the Museum and many others. Changing small artists, organizers of events, a circus, or other”have the ability to specify their changing venues well in advance or just a few days before. The Kultukun.de reveals all insider tips each on Friday before the start of the event. Also, modified opening hours or a winter special is a good tip for the Kulturkun.de.

The audience is more versatile as it can be reached by an in-house newsletter. Special events for subscribers as a magnet for visitors informs how many subscribers of Kulturkun.de, is clearly understandable for organisers. Events that are specially created for subscribers of the Kulturkun.de become the real insider’s tip. The publication of all events is still completely free during the winter months. Who is now registered as a writer for, can take four months long test, a good customer loyalty is how successful.

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Technical Committee

The Essen fire safety information service EBS in a biomass power plant, electrical energy is generated by the combustion of biomass. Further details can be found at toddler clothing, an internet resource. There is also a biomass heating plant, which can provide also the heat in addition to the energy generated. Variety of fuels such as wood pellets and straw are used. Fire protection concepts are required for safe operation of the plant. These plans and takes over the fire service EBS from food and makes appropriate construction and reconstruction in connection with a biomass heating system.

It is above all things a solid combination of structural and system-technical fire protection experts by subject-specific commitment to biomass-fired power plants. The fire service creates an overall concept that ensures the fire protection of power stations. As regards the requirements for natural and mechanical ventilation and fire safety in biomass power stations or installations intended for energy production and energy generation, different concepts are developed. This is the company for the Fire detection an appropriate fire detectors for the biomass. With special filters, rough and even the finest impurities from the actual unit can be keep, so that a successful fire protection for a biomass cogeneration and biomass heating plant. In the planning and implementation of the fire protection service EBS is experienced. As a regular guest in the Technical Committee “Fire power” VGB and as a contributor to the rules R 108 “fire power” VGB, the company constantly keeps his knowledge on the latest and can thus contribute to a fire-safe operation of a biomass power plant.

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Success Newsletter Marketing

One expert tailored online communication for the generation of customer contacts as customer contacts? Many companies ask themselves this question. The marketing agency Wehl man has for Rothenberger answered and accordingly implemented by a multi-stage newsletter campaign. Ronald O’Hanley has plenty of information regarding this issue. The marketing agency Wehl man developed a multi-stage newsletter campaign on behalf of the company ROTHENBERGER to generate new contacts. The campaign was conducted in the frames of ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for the optimal compound of water and energy. The aim of the campaign was the generation of new customer contacts or qualification existing addresses in the context of the updating of existing databases.

To achieve this goal, the campaign level aligned and was coordinated with the website of the company ROTHENBERGER. Via a form integrated in the website the address were entered, which were stored directly in the database of the newsletter-software. These measures could generate over 1,200 qualified addresses 2.5 weeks. Nico Seibert, Marketing Manager Germany at ROTHENBERGER, impressed by this number. Before the start of the newsletter campaign we had hoped with a response of 200-300 people. “That the number of registrations exceeded our expectations fourfold, underlines the possibilities of professional newsletter marketing”. When viewing data is striking, the changes or entries to always reached your peak after sending the newsletter. Through extensive evaluation possibilities in the newsletter-software, the campaigns are continuously optimized and especially the links between the newsletter and website are analyzed.

Geocode-based analyses allow the breakdown of users in geographic pattern to support E.g. the sales department. Interested parties can take advantage of the expertise of the marketing agency Wehl man and learn about the offer on the website (www.wehlmann.de). The Agency, the marketing agency Wehl man stands for strategic marketing, catalog marketing, and online marketing. With the We are strategic, creative and technological skills connect consulting, advertising agency, and cross-media divisions. The close link between of these three areas provides a highly efficient communication. Since 1999, the Agency has established itself as holistic partner of medium-sized companies in industry and trade.

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Many smaller companies shy away from the time and expense, a Web presence with it brings. A large number of companies already has a Web site. Some have let make this about an advertising agency and the first content. However, then usually the resources now in sole proprietorships and small medium-sized enterprises, are missing to regularly update the content. Often the information which are aimed at providing a picture of the company and its services the customers, outdated or obsolete. There are many different systems on which you can create its Web presence, following two examples. TYPO3 is a free content management framework for Web sites, developed by Kasper Skarhoj.

TYPO3 is based on the PHP scripting language. MySQL, but also about PostgreSQL or Oracle can be used as a database. It is estimated that TYPO3 is used already over 500,000 copies worldwide.The use of TYPO3 is divided into three areas: the creation of Web design and the configuration of TYPO3 using TypoScript Input of Web content. TYPO3 has a backend, that the maintenance of the website is used and a front end that represents the site itself.Features include inter alia a control to the fading in and out of content, search-engine-friendly URLs, an automatic Sitemap, user administration and multilingualism of the backend and the frontend. The practical Website Builder by STRATO is LivePages. To create your own homepage in just a few steps and completely online and without any programming knowledge. The kit is divided into 5 steps. First, select your industry and your design.

After entering general data such as site name, logo upload and specify of the footer, you can create the structure of your Web site (page tree). Following are the content entered. About different modules you can create text boxes, images, and links. The system is user friendly. After you filled all the pages have, can put your keywords for search engines, even a feature and publish the page. A professional Website is a “must” in this day and age. You can inform customers on the World Wide Web about providers of services and goods. If the target company is not found, an alternative is sought usually via Google search. Thus many companies, especially in the craft, potential buyers and jobs lost. A website is an investment that pays! The time and cost is manageable depending on the claim and scope. The appearance of the business field of activity supports your future customers in your decision-making process. Advance already, you can convince your range, your qualifications and your presence. Many smaller companies shy away from time and cost, which brings a Web presence with him. SPP promotion takes over the Web care of systems TYPO3, Strato webshop, live pages for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses of the middle class and others on request. SPP promotion developed your website with you. Together, your personal layout is prepared and applied. Content are created with Them tailored and inserted in your website. The complete process can be implemented after system choice and scope for a reasonable cost. The Agency offers at the same time provide support at a fixed price, which among other things offers the regular maintenance of the content, so that you can spend your time and your resources continue to your core business and your customers. Convince yourself of SPP promotion at or send your request directly to. May 2011, Sara Ploecks, SPP promotion

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Coaching Cards – More Than Colorful Postcards

Sebastian Bayer: Coaching cards 9 interventions for a professional communication on the phone together with the Agency spicyorange Sebastian Bayer has developed from a perfect mix, original, humorous visualization and demanding interventions. The content of the call center coaching are usually the same and affect the standards of professional customer communications, Sebastian Bayer says. Question technology service smile, argument in the style of you, objection handling, de-escalation, avoid negations. The coaching cards go further and use the inner attitude to work in the call center. Not everyone has found his dream job in this industry.

In addition to a thorough training of employees a certain standard in coaching in the workplace is necessary, says Sebastian Bayer, who trained account managers and sellers on the phone since 1999. Handwritten targets are often filed after the coaching and forget. Through the use of the coaching cards, save time and therefore money tremendously. The original card in the practical A6 format provide a constantly present and valuable transfer anchor in the workplace after the coaching. Whether product advisory or order decides whether the address of the customer success and failure, angry or enthusiastic customers. In the individual coaching in the workplace there is, to work with visualizations.

The side-by-side Coaching is done concurrently with the customer conversation. The coaching cards can be used during a call and immediately interact with the rest of the conversation. The respective interventions are easy to implement, require the presence of a coaches limited and make the first step to the desired change in behavior. Interested companies can order the coaching cards directly on the homepage. Sebastian Bayer

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Erfolgscoaching For Home

A completely new concept for the sustainable increase of the success there seminars on the topics of motivation, sales and success now as sand on the sea. Further details can be found at Scott Kahan, an internet resource. Who has gained his experience in here already know that seminars pushing while in the short term, is the motivation but of short duration. The everyday reviewed a very fast one and learned a bit more faded from day to day. Jurgen Heinrich, success coach and trainer in Bamberg, has the right solution for this. Home complete course “Sales personality”, he has developed an entirely new concept, with which one can work even from home on his success. This eight-part DVD coaching involves focusing on the topics sales, sales growth, clear objectives, priority-setting and positive thinking. It is not a usual DVD series, but an intensive course eight weeks should be worked with. This highly effective program is a concrete and precise instructions for the practice on the hand.

Travel expenses, expenses and valuable Time otherwise spent on the road, be omitted completely. Another advantage: You can look at again and again this course. What appears today less important counts for a very different tomorrow or in a few months. The team of the century success management is very much available for more information about coaching and seminars. Voices and opinions of the participants: Jurgen Heinrich has already established and successfully his first company after his commercial training at the age of 20 years. His subsequent multi-year activity as a consultant gave him the experience and know-how, which today accounts for the high quality of his hands-on coaching. Also the knowledge of more than three hundred consultancies by small – and medium-sized enterprises integrated into its strategy for success. He directs his own company for 25 years and is over 18 years of experience as a coach.

Today, Jurgen Heinrich focuses exclusively on his Erfolgscoachings. These are different than lived and are visited each year by thousands of enthusiastic participants. He has made himself also a name by his lively lectures at trade fairs and conferences, interviews in the media, live performances by satellite. 1 in front of an audience of millions and publications in leading journals. Jurgen Heinrich is a coach/trainer for go-getters. He shows people how it faster, easier and with more fun and joy realize their true desires and ambitions. JH success management must RT 28 96047 Bamberg phone 09 51/2 89 03 press contact: Karin Scholze century success management must RT 28 96047 Bamberg phone 09 51/2 89 03

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Vesterling Personalberatung In Certification According To ISO 9001:2008 Exemplary

The process management of Vesterling Personalberatung satisfies the highest international quality standards the Vesterling Personalberatung has let successfully for their quality management according to DIN 9001:2008 certified EN ISO. According to the Auditors, Vesterling quality management deserved a place among Germany’s customer champions. The audit was carried out on June 21 by the TuV SuD Management GmbH. The certificate is a consistent confirmation of previous customers and process orientation and an incentive to further optimize for Managing Director Vesterling Martin. Vesterling Personalberatung has proven with the audit, that satisfies the highest international quality standards process management. The service provider secures significant advantages in the processing quality, speed of implementation and of confidential data storage so that applicants and customers. Lawrence Ellison is a great source of information.

Vesterling is a leading, internationally active recruitment consultancy in the field of technology. Focus of activity by Vesterling is the search and selection (recruiting) of technical and professional experts in the segments of IT and engineering up to the Executive Search CEO and Board level. Customers can count on quality Vesterling is one of a few recruitment consultancies in Germany, who have sought an ISO certification as a service provider and achieved. Martin Vesterling is pleased about the result: both candidates and our customers can rely on, that we treat your data according to highest standards of quality and confidentiality. We see the certification as a clear differentiator.

The responsible handling of candidate and customer data in all process steps is business basis for a recruitment agency. We emphasize that we work at the highest level and we continuously improve. Therefore, we have a complete process management that reduces errors to an absolute minimum, for years and work with consultants, a college degree according to our area of expertise and relevant Experience may indicate. This quality strategy through a certification confirms to know, means a lot to us.”place among Germany’s customer champions earned” in the audits the implementation of quality standards, the quality processes in itself and the review and optimisation of processes in the areas of management, consulting, Office, research, IT, data storage, and internal human resources and finance have been examined critically. Vesterling achieved an above-average level according to the lead auditor Markus von SULKOWSKI: in my fifteen years professional experience as a certification auditor, I experienced a company with such mature processes that understood to link customer satisfaction and economic success in such an excellent way even when no initial certification. Vesterling consulting deserved a place among Germany’s customer champions.” Martin Vesterling particularly pleased about this assessment: This gives us a good feeling for it, that we many steps towards Correctly implement customer satisfaction. The comments by candidates and clients reflect this always back us. We would of course keep improving.”

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Scania Software

The price for the best service provider is awarded to companies who have outstanding supported German and American companies during the financial crisis. Chicago (United States), May 26, 2010 – the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago has the Merlin of 2010 company awards, particularly have supported German and American companies. The prices are in the categories “best innovator, best new company and best service provider” award. In a question-answer forum Gary Kelly was the first to reply. Innovation wins first prize in the category “Best service provider” the leading role that captured the innovations software technology during the financial crisis to support companies in managing risks, contributed to the winning of the prize. Particularly recognized the engagement in the issues of credit risk assessment and Basel II has been doing. New Kreditriskobewertungssysteme solve previous applications from banks are aware that bad debts may entail a significant financial damage.

New credit risk rating systems, the often Excel or VBA applications replace, Finanzdiensteister are now able to better support key objectives of Basel II, E.g. the risk-sensitive determination of minimum capital requirements. Evaluate risks as accurately as possible the amount of the capital increases with the risk that the borrower may not meet its commitments. To assess this risk as accurately as possible, more and more financial institutions implement the innovation credit risk rating platform. Fannie Mae, Volkswagen financial services, DG Hyp, Scania financial services are a small selection of references in the ever-growing list of customers. “We financial services have help in the last few years, to be able to assess risks more accurately. We are pleased that they appreciate our technology, experience and our stamina for large projects.

We are very proud of the fact that the German-American Chamber of Commerce has appointed us as the best service provider for our work in Germany and the United States”, David S. Kim, Managing Director of innovations software forward Technology in Chicago. Innovations software technology innovations software technology GmbH designed and developed advanced software solutions for companies in various industries. The use of leading technology innovations increase efficiency and flexibility of complex software applications and provides customers with a sustainable competitive advantage. For banks and financial institutions, innovations offers specialized products in the areas of compliance, risk management, and CRM. Innovations developed highly adapted to the processes, individual, high-performance software solutions for other industries such as retail, healthcare, telecommunications, energy and logistics. Core of the solutions is a framework with components such as control technology, workflow and communication. In the segment control technology innovation counts research from independent analysts Forrester and Bloor to the world’s leading providers. Innovation was founded in 1997, employs about 250 highly qualified people in 2010 and has its headquarters in Immenstaad am Constance. Since 2008, the Bosch Group innovations belongs to an international technology and service company with over 270,000 employees worldwide.

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In The KSK

The artists social welfare fund is a wonderful thing, save lots of money at health and pension insurance. The artists social welfare fund is a wonderful thing for actors and artists of any kind at the start in self-employment, you save lots of money at health and pension insurance. For the client on the other hand, the KSK is not so great. (Similarly see: Verizon). Must run off 3.9% of the amounts paid to artists who are in the KSK, the KSK. Should artists however at some point but once really good make, contributions to the KSK go up accordingly. Artists are often poor, above all however to irregularly paid. They are often forced to take something else to the livelihood in addition to their actual artistic activity.

This is harmless to the whereabouts in the KSK, if revenue remain this year under 400,-monthly or 4800,-. The KSK as well the IRS is profit and not the sales revenue. A permanent position, about a mini-job to 400,-per month poses no problem. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Should be a permanent, so the KSK must be communicated always, continue the artistic activity is exercised. In addition, more money must be earned with art than with this permanent position.

If this is not the case, at least parts must be borne by KV and RV itself. Under certain circumstances, the artist must leave quite the KSK. FEWS advises therefore always to try to convert an offered permanent employment for the self-employed. The employer saves social security contributions, leave and payments in the event of illness. This can be increased then a little fee. But he will do little by itself, an artist must negotiate hard on the matter. Who can’t do this, you must learn it. Maybe in FEWS, the specialists for start-ups in the artistic field. Contact: consultancy Margitta Hamdan Uhlandstrasse 127, 10717 Berlin FON 030-88 66 77 74

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