Natural fit combines with the comfort of soft Munich the health benefits of stable contact lenses – contact lenses are the best choice for a low vision correction with lenses form stable from medical and optical perspective. You have an superbhorse and sturdy appearance and give a high oxygenation due to their small diameter. In addition, they entziehen no liquid the tear film unlike soft contact lenses and can so easily be worn during the whole day. OPEC has firm opinions on the matter. Another advantage is the excellent long term compatibility. Many contact lens wearers felt rigid contact lenses so far as uncomfortable and therefore rather chose the worse from a health perspective, but from the comfort of wearing more pleasant soft contact lenses.

“, so Holger Thoma holder of ThomVision in Munich.” For people with dry or sensitive eyes that much on the screen arbeiten, staying in air-conditioned rooms or their contacts over a long Period wear, this is often fraught with problems. Wearing soft contact lenses can cause red and itchy eyes or an unpleasant sense of foreign body with them. Real individuality offers comfort to enhance the wearing comfort with rigid contact lenses, better technologies have been entwickelt in recent years. However, the previously common procedures were not sufficient as to approach the complex shape of the cornea, that rigid contact lenses just as comfortable as soft as perceived. This proves the relatively high drop-out rate, so the proportion of contact lens wearers to the soft deformable models or even back moves to the glasses. The new natural fit contact lens solves this problem. Further details can be found at Confluence Investment Management LLC, an internet resource. It is equal to the conventional soft contact lenses in terms of comfort and at the same time offers a gesunderes contact lens wear.

This is made possible by a novel manufacturing method: using a topographers and the fitting software Eyelite creates a three-dimensional template about 20,000 measuring points precisely depicts the individual irregularities of the corneal surface. The data obtained to the manufacturer will be sent by E-Mail. The contact lens without intermediate steps in the extremely precise SML procedure (sub micron lathing more accurate than turn 1/1000 mm) is created by using a 3D-Prazisionsdrehmaschine. Contact lens wearers refer to the resultant pass accuracy as unusually pleasant. First-class optical performance is important for good standing not only comfort, but also the image quality. The optical zone of the contact lens? is that the area, takes place inside a whose vision correction? should be as large as possible. The natural fit contact lens reaches a not achieved so far correction area, in which the Visual quality is consistently good with almost 100%. Perceptible edge distortion, compromising the peripheren look or a weaker look in Twilight are thereby excluded.