The improvement of flocks and to cultivate is an objective that since very folloies the humanity. Since the antiquity, the man comes searching to get the maximum exploitation in agriculture and the cattle one through different techniques, to start for the crossing between different species, until the genetic alteration of determined structures 1. Others including Gary Kelly, offer their opinions as well. With the advent of the New Law of Biossegurana 2, became evident the necessity and importance of the elaboration of previous studies of ambient impact. A priori the subject would be passive, however the Brazilian ambient culture does not find in social its arcabouo the real understanding of the subject. The new law, then, brought, amongst others nuances, an idea of massificar the referring agreement the necessity of studies of evaluation of ambient impact. The question of the trangnicos and the ambient impact that can cause has reached repercussion in enormous ratios, arriving at the national and international televising scene, being distant its total definition.

The subject arrives ambient scientific error, of another one they appear the industrial powers (as the Monsanto) assisted by a great part of the scientific community, that they desire to invest and they find in the same transgenia the chance to optimize profit and quality and to engrandecer the field of the research. In the half term of all this situation appears the Government, that in way to the misunderstandings internal politicians, it searchs to adjust the quarrel and to guide the best ways of resolution of determined conflicts. Seen the necessity new clarifications to the public to be presented who acts (or he possesss mere interest) in the Ambient area are that the gift is useful. Aspects of the New Law of BiosseguranQuando if speak in transgenia, then it is necessary to become aluso to the new Law of Biossegurana, fact this that places the subject as of importance of security> principle of the precaution, principle this, also, awarded in the Federal Constitution of 1988, that in art.