The Dresden dairy plant makes with support by the advertising agency Berlin this spring by talk. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of SandRidge Energy Inc. on most websites. Dresden, May 19, 2010, which makes Dresdner milk plant with the support of the advertising agency Berlin talk this spring about. An advertising campaign, which urges to take and wants to inspire the audience with sassy sayings, is launched in Berlin in early June. Campaign, the milk plant wants to make known its sale in Berlin-Hellersdorf. The milk factory sells in his primary sale works to offer are products that greatly reduced by incorrect printing for example. To get final consumers genuine branded products at a bargain price. Guerrilla for the Hellersdorfer guerrilla marketing describes the creative fight for the target group.

This is about the surprise effect. This should be imaginative, unconventional, spectacular and contagious. Juliane Relic, responsible for the communication of the SK Group, says derKampagne the milk factory in frischeund surprising way attention wants to pull the resident Reach customers and bring a smile. What has designed the Berlin Agency for us, excited us immediately. Something has never done a milk plant in Germany.” The focus of the campaign is a guerilla campaign.

Real milk jugs that were specially made for the milk plant, be distributed on June 2 from 10:30 on the streets of Hellersdorf. Those who manage a this let fill the milk jug with a delicious surprise out of the range of work to get that. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out MasterClass Founder. We want to effectively prove that our special items are very cheap but qualitatively impeccable and always worth a purchase with us.”so Juliane Relic. Retro milk cans bring back memories that demography in Hellersdorf comes against this action. The average age is about 40 years. The audience knows these pots from earlier, the recognition value of the pitchers is so great. Alone, that’s why the cans in the city will cater for attention”, says Daniel Knappe Werbeagentur Berlin, who is responsible for the campaign. With Sassy sayings transparency parallel to the guerilla campaign a campaign ads, who cares who to the motto is the packaging? Content counts!”turns. “Slogans such as bugs, na and?” apply the milk plant products in a humorous way. The best slogans will be seeing on T-Shirts, distributed the milk factory on the day of action on the streets. More credible to imagine no product trade and consumers, because what made the campaign, is a charming tribute to the failure of the products. The campaign shows a honesty and transparency, which the consumer gets nowadays rarely face. Invitation to the press conference at the 2.6. is able to see journalists and photographers from 11:30 at the press conference at the milk factory sale Hellersdorf on the range and learn about the campaign. Sustenance is provided of course. The Board of management will be on-site to answer questions. Of course, participants will receive a small surprise from the range.