It will be your customer? In addition, a rare exchange of purchase / sale of traffic does not drain our clients frankly sucks traffic. Often up to 99% of bots. When I talk about buying traffic, I mean pay per click Most major search engines such as Google Adwords. Almost any search on Google accompanied by a list of advertising on the right side of the page, and it all paid advertising. Every time someone clicks on those links, the advertiser pays Google a fixed amount that may be what you want – from 5 cents or more (depending on how competitive the keyword). Fee-per-click allows you to very selectively promoted, This allows fine adjust their advertising copy.

But the problem for many webmasters is that they do not use this form to get traffic, because do not want to spend money on advertising. This is certainly good, but the fact that the Internet day by day becoming more and more commercialized, and the chance to build a profitable business without cost, to put it mildly, tiny. When I started promoting my first site, I invested heavily. But it was constant struggle to adjust to the sale on the site so that they recoup the costs of traffic. Daily changes in advertising slogans, and the test results led to the still good value – my online business started rise. One time I dreamed about at least breaking even, but today the sale and distribution list is growing steadily. Once you have purchased the conversion of normal traffic, you can start the following steps to increase traffic to your site – writing articles, relinking, and viral techniques (eg e-books).

From this site and your traffic will benefit all of which are in most cases, absolutely free for you, but it requires a lot of time. But if you rely solely on these methods, without involving the promotion of your purchased traffic can be delayed for many months or even years. Naturally, as the only free methods will give a decent "exhaust" You can stop buying traffic. But on the other hand, if it brings the sales and profits, why give up on this? Sooner or later, your list of sites will grow and you can use all the advertising platforms to collect e-mail addresses. And at the competent relink ring sites can support "puzomernye options" and the actual total traffic at a good level. As you know special secrets to achieving profitable site, and profit on the Internet do not. The road to success in a constant, everyday movement forward towards their goal. The difference is that you can go to the purpose at no cost but slowly, or making certain investments, significantly accelerate the step.