DIALOGUES HOLISTAS is not with the violence, as we are going to obtain the true peace, but by means of the transformation of the formation of a true integral sense brings back to consciousness and. The transformation of brings back to consciousness and the formation of an integral sense . Others who may share this opinion include Hewlett-Packard . how to obtain it? If we put ourselves a little while to think about the important thing that it is now in this 21st century to maintain La Paz and cordiality between the humans and with our planet. If for a moment we thought it hopes that us when continuing like until today how to obtain it? The answer to this question I have found it in Meta paradigm Holista because this one includes all the aspects of peace, global ethics and viable development. EDUCATION HOLISTA is very interested in the development of a new understanding of the nature of the knowledge, the different types from saberes and integral methodologies. The Holista Education has an important paper because through her we can obtain and establish that close relationship that is due to have between us and the universe, this through espiritualidad. The ESPIRITUALIDAD IS a SCIENCE as it said KRISHNA to it, the religious mind is a mind just as the scientist: abierta, cuestinante, and the two are finally a single, and that mind must be totally open before the question or investigation and in the end the two look for the truth. What is the truth that we looked for? We live with a false idea that we are a single body that is born, one reproduces, it ages and it dies. We are not only one personality, the perennial philosophy says that ours to us true nature he is the universal BEING, our true essence and what we really are it is only locked in ten words, WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS WHO WE COME TO LIVE A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.