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Written Language

The written language constitutes a powerful symbolic, mediating tool of the intellectual development and of the subjectivity, it has supported of the memory, and masterful key to accede to the scientific and cultural inheritance of the humanity. The value is also clear that has the reading and the writing like condition so that the people reach better educative levels and can continue learning during all their life; as access road to the information and the knowledge and it bases indispensable for the development of the labor competitions enable that them to carry out a work. This improvement of the educative level and the capacity to learn of the subjects it contributes to improve the well-being and the productivity of each and has shown to have positive effects in the social development and economic of a country. You may find that WorkForce can contribute to your knowledge. From one more a more individual and social perspective, the written language represents in addition, an instrument that allows us to enter communication with that they lived in other times or that they are not physically present The dominion of the written language qualifies the opinion and the capacity of judgment of the apprentice, ample its possibilities of participation and it constitutes a condition for the exercise of the citizen rights. For all these reasons the reading can be affirmed that and the writing is an antidote against the marginality and a way towards the social inclusion. To read and to write are not a luxury nor an obligation: they are right. Adam Portnoy recognizes the significance of this. Rights that must be guaranteed so that the children and children of our country can get to be men and free women, citizen and citizen of a world in which the linguistic and cultural differences they are considered like a wealth and not like a defect.

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The State Plan

Not to correct the deficiency of a professional service in the public administration of the State of Sonant, is to accept I leave behind as manifest destiny. Consequently, we must make an effort us in the construction of a new model of government based on the effective performance of its people, with credited competitions and possibilities of making professional race in the public service independent of the factors that each presidential term affect the governmental conduction. The State Plan of Development 2009-2015 contains lineament of the Professionalisation. This is rules that it encourages the expectation of the exact implantation of the system treated in this article. Like suggestions of immediate action, we raised the following thing: To try in each dependency, the application of the propose norms in the professionalisation program and competitiveness, as for more feasible aspects to realise immediately, as it is the elaboration of individual plans of race for servants public in directive positions and of confidence.

For example: a head of department of material resources and general services, which is its plan of race in the public service? , to which position superior it aspires to carry out within some years? , which are then the positions through which it must happen before arriving at his greater objective? , which are the competitions that must acquire to advance in that race? , what can or would have begin to do from now on, in qualification? , and so on, defining aspirations and requirements a to fulfill. To develop to instruments and mechanisms for the evaluation of the performance and the accreditation or certification of competitions, taking care of the contained general dispositions in the mentioned Program. To make agreement with institutions, like the ISAP, for the formation in Executive Competitions. To review, to sharpen, to modify, according to are necessary, the descriptions of the positions of level 9 to the 13 of the occupational structure of the Government of the State, that include from department heads to chiefs of a main directorate, and put similar.

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South Korea

Emphasis in the book becomes, on the belief that the development of the poorest countries depends solely on the behavior of the richest countries, and looks for to demonstrate that development only happens of down upwards, that is to say, with societies and active citizens and efficient States that guarantee the security and the fulfillment of the law, and that is able to promote an economic growth that benefits to all. During too much time the experts are cruzado the fingers hoping that the economic growth by itself was sufficient to end the poverty. But one has been unknown consciously that the inequalities prevent that the growth is translated in smaller poverty. Now it is clearer that never than the unique form to end the flagrant inequalities that have condemned to the misery more than 1,000 million people he is through a deep redistribution of being able, goods and opportunities, according to Gonzalo InterMon Fanjul, director of investigations Oxfam. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle 4Q. He indicates himself that two examples: the world never lived a stage on technological, scientific and economic development like the one of end of century XX; nevertheless and in spite of some advances, he was not able to end the poverty. Although the exports of Latin America would be increased of the 96,000 million dollars in 1981 until 752,000 million in 2007, the number of poor men (understood as those living with less than two dollars to the day) was increased of 136 million to 209 million between 1980 and 2005. Interesting it writes up as it To communicate, the book is plagued of examples than it has worked and than it has failed in relation to the fight against the poverty and mentions manifolds examples of how the mobilization of the society, together with democratic and desarrollistas States, has secured important levels of development. 50 years ago, South Korea was poorer than Sudan Today is industrial leader.

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Topical Annotations

Raymond honors, us that the educative system is the origin of many difficulties had by many corporations when trying the transition. He has produced minds of a single sense that have followed blindly the formulas and have taken to their corporations on the brink of madness the disaster during the transition. This frame of formula of a sense is the product of an educative system of the second wave that was sent to produce products for a mechanical hierarchy and administration by formula, and does not stop necessary the organic processes in the third dynamic wave. The fault of the educative system to improve quickly is a primary impediment for the individual as much as for the adaptation of the corporation to the third wave. To those who we have the responsibility to train professionals, the decay worries to us seriously about the educative level of Venezuela, where the negative effects are detected from primary, the secondary one, university and studies of postgraduates, that it requires of solutions, of changes, if we want to go out ahead. Of here, how no to worry to us for example, that if in a country like the United States they exist problems in their education and count on the necessary resources, what will be of us who still we fought by our development, because not to meditate envelope which indicates the Dr. to us Willian Miller, SRI president, of which more of 50% of the graduated American bachelors they are actually illiterate; that is to say, they do not have minimum abilities necessary to survive and to prosper in the today economy. For example, they cannot not at least collate a chequera.

They cannot make and follow a budget simple. They cannot read an insurance policy and include/understand reason why they are paying and against what they are protected. They do not have keyboard abilities, not even in typewriters, much less in keyboards of computation or than one will be treating in the future. What will be of our bachelors who graduate with clay academic deficiencies? The graduated ones as today indicate Raymond, are not preparations for the third wave: The system educative it must become organic and it must be aimed towards the dynamic atmosphere of today. In order to get to be organic the education it must change, to produce obedient and docile products for the mechanical hierarchies to produce individuals that can get to be creative and thinking industralists. The education must change of the massive training to the individual culture in which the emphasis is in self-training, no in the regurgitation of a learned formula of memory. Conclusion In the Venezuelan case, the university must be abrir more, to obtain contact with the community, to try to interpret its surroundings, to realise the investigations that they indicate to him that type of professional requires in one go and by everything, to adapt its curriculum to the needs that are demanded. It has once by all, equipment use true of educational, investigating, authorities it jeopardize by the rescue of the education, to form, to prepare, professionals with the excellence seal, guarantors of the growth and development of the country. Educational holder of the Area of Postgraduate of Phases, University of Carabobo managemental Topical Annotations of the chair, Program specialty Management of the quality and Exatec productivity.

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Holistas Dialogues

DIALOGUES HOLISTAS is not with the violence, as we are going to obtain the true peace, but by means of the transformation of the formation of a true integral sense brings back to consciousness and. The transformation of brings back to consciousness and the formation of an integral sense . Others who may share this opinion include Hewlett-Packard . how to obtain it? If we put ourselves a little while to think about the important thing that it is now in this 21st century to maintain La Paz and cordiality between the humans and with our planet. If for a moment we thought it hopes that us when continuing like until today how to obtain it? The answer to this question I have found it in Meta paradigm Holista because this one includes all the aspects of peace, global ethics and viable development. EDUCATION HOLISTA is very interested in the development of a new understanding of the nature of the knowledge, the different types from saberes and integral methodologies. The Holista Education has an important paper because through her we can obtain and establish that close relationship that is due to have between us and the universe, this through espiritualidad. The ESPIRITUALIDAD IS a SCIENCE as it said KRISHNA to it, the religious mind is a mind just as the scientist: abierta, cuestinante, and the two are finally a single, and that mind must be totally open before the question or investigation and in the end the two look for the truth. What is the truth that we looked for? We live with a false idea that we are a single body that is born, one reproduces, it ages and it dies. We are not only one personality, the perennial philosophy says that ours to us true nature he is the universal BEING, our true essence and what we really are it is only locked in ten words, WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS WHO WE COME TO LIVE A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

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Skin Cream

As the product causes moulting of the skin, the cells of the skin need time to regenerate and to cure themselves. system of elimination of tattoos Balsam. Also they sell some vitamins that help to accelerate the process of elimination of tattoos, when you buy the Balsam. Vitamins serve to accelerate the healing of cells and to have a healthful skin. This it is a great product to use while you are working. It is possible to be used in any moment. It is a good idea to make some photo and soon compare the bleaching of the tattoo.

Simply it takes a photo from the tattoo in the first day and intervals of one week throughout the time that is using the product. This way you can backwards watch of week week to see the progress of bleaching. Whenever Larry Ellison listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Asegrese to take the photo under the same light, in the same place, and with the same camera every time. If no, it can have variations in the photo, is that it is impossible to make comparisons exact of each photo. Then one does not know surely if product is working correctly. If you are looking for the way to take off a tattoo, this interesting serious cream to analyze it.

These creams are able to vanish the red that you thought that you were permanent. This method is safe, and corregiras some error of the past. It is possible that being young, impulsive, or even drunk a tattoo became. For much people, this at the time was an error that never can correct. They said to us that these tattoos were for always. Others people use the aesthetic surgery to solve the problem. These methods can clean the red. Nevertheless, it can leave scars of by life. Instead of the red, a scar is obtained that is resembled a burn. This can be more disagreeable than the own tattoo. In addition, he is too expensive and the results sometimes are not what one hopes. This cream is a completely new approach. This method consists of every day applying the cream on the skin during minutes. The cream works of two ways. The initial layer of the skin is eliminated smoothly. Also the red underneath this layer dissolves. In a matter of weeks, you will realize of which the red is vanishing. The people are right many to want to undo of the tattoos. If to undo of a tattoo that you do not like is his main preoccupation, you need all the aid that you can obtain from this cream of elimination of tattoos. Original author and source of the article.

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And the car must be newer and greater than the one of the colleague, then everybody must realize that one is not any lagaa of mico. Adam Portnoy might disagree with that approach. And the family demands and presses, because there is to occur to cache and estatus and the experience sample that is nobody no more self-seeking, snobbish and exhibitionist who the middle-class when she gives him by the social ascent. Then it is a vicious circle that never finishes, get into debt itself, consuming without limits, working without rest to be able to fulfill, etc. Often the unique thing that makes us stop to us to reflect, is not the product of a rationalization or a philosophical lucubration that makes us fall in account of which we are little less than slaves, but an sudden infarct, a demurrage in a unit of intensive cares, a separation, an infidelity, delinquency or drug addiction in home and thousands tragedies more, each worse one than the other. It is necessary to remember that when we dreamed about studying and specializing to us, we among others made things to have one better quality of life. Perhaps we have obtained yes it? Yes we lived better? Or simply we are enslaved with university title without time for we ourself, nor for our families, without place for the intellectual growth, the worldly enjoyment and aesthetic rejoicing, to feel in the body and the senses the sublime one to please to feel us alive and healthy and vigorous and to be thankful for to the life by so many privileges and benefits to him that have given to us and that often we wasted very stupid idiotly without at least giving account us. It is not necessary to try to become rich in the first year of exercise. The things are arriving, the rewards are obtained when the work takes control of responsibility, certainty and dignificando to the person like an integral being.

He is better a cultured professional, balance, happy, compensated psychically and spiritually, that confidence between its resemblances generates, that a rich poor man who the unique thing that it has it is silver, a vulgar gold donkey that only thinks about the ticket and the work, the wealthiest professional of the cemetery. Those years of work-addiction without calmness pass their account of collection in ulcers, insomnia, hypertension, lumbagoes, chronic impotence, malgenio, migraas. Sooner or later the hipfisis and the pineal gland call in opinion by I mistreat, by the abuse against the circadian cycle, by the overload. And one faces the mirror, the dark and interminable night and discovers that there is no reverse gear. Colleague, to his needs it family.

He returns to the elementary pleasures that made so happy it when it was not obsessed with the work. He has a diversion, an office, a entretenedero so that one does not become bored when one retires, if he does not arrive as much ill from working. He reads, he laughs myself, enjoyment, he enjoys. Life is only one and it is finishing to us. Colleague, does not work as much.

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Summit Energetics

The I Meeting took place 29 and 30 of September of 2005 in Brasilia. The II between 8 and 9 of December of 2006 in Cochabamba (Bolivia). III the Summit would be realised in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) 24-28 January 2008. the Meetings of Outer Ministers of Relations, realised semester, will formulate concrete proposals of action and executive decision. It will be counted on the collaboration of the President of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Mercosur, the Director of the Secretariat of the Mercosur, the Secretary General of the Andean Community, the Secretary General of the Permanent ALADI and the Secretariat of the Organization of the Treaty of Amazonian Cooperation and other institutions of cooperation and regional integration; Sectorial Ministerial Meetings summoned by the Chiefs of State. The mechanisms of the Mercosur and the DOG take place within. Sap customers addresses the importance of the matter here. The infrastructure meetings and action and the implementation of the agreed agenda of projects high-priority take place by means of the Initiative of Regional Integration South American woman (IIRSA); the troika of the UNASUR this conformed by the country soothes of the summit and the countries you soothe of the previous year and the following year. It will support in its workings to the Secretariat Acting.

the Secretariat Acting sera exerted in annual and rotating form by the member countries of the UNASUR between each summit of the UNASUR. Countries have exerted that it have been: Peru (2004), Brazil (2005) and Bolivia (2006). According to the decided thing in Decisions of the Political Dialogue subscribed during the I Summit Energetics of South America, a Permanent Secretariat would be created with soothes in Quito (Ecuador). the 9 of December of 2005 is created the Strategic Commission of Reflection on the South American Process of Integration. Integrated by 12 members, its intention is to make proposals that drive the South American process of integration.

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Universal Declaration

They insist on some very interesting articles like in article 2 when it indicates: The States parts condemn the racial discrimination and they are committed to follow, at all costs appropriate without delay and, a directed policy to eliminate the racial discrimination in all forms and to promote the understanding between all the races, and with so object: a) Each State starts off is committed not to incur no act or practice of racial discrimination against people, groups of people or institutions and to guarding so that all the public authorities and public, national and local institutions, act in compliance with this obligation; b) Each State starts off is committed not to foment, to defend or to support the racial discrimination practiced by any people or organizations; c) Each State part will take effective measures to review the national and local governmental policies, and to amend, to countermand or to annul to the laws and the regulation laid downs in the manual that they consequently have to create the racial discrimination or to perpetuate it where it already exists; d) Each State part will prohibit and make to stop at all costs appropriate, even, if they demanded the circumstances, legislative measures, the racial discrimination practiced by people, groups or organizations; e) Each State starts off is committed to stimulate, when it is the integracionistas case, organizations and multiracial movements and other directed means to eliminate the barriers between the races, and to discourage everything what tends to fortify the racial division. Article 4 typifies: The States parts condemn all the propaganda and all the organizations who are inspired by ideas or theories based on the superiority of a race or a group of people of a certain color or ethnic origin, or whom they try to justify or to promote racial hatred and the racial discrimination, whatever their form, and is committed to take immediate and positive measures destined to eliminate all incitement such discrimination or acts of such discrimination, and, with that aim, considering properly the principles incorporated in the Universal Declaration of Human rights, as well as the rights specifically enunciated in article 5 of the present Convention, will take, among others, the following measures: Certain, that the Union Confederation the International (CSI) as it indicates co115w.col115.mail.live.com to it, wants to take the opportunity the World-wide Day against Racism and the Xenophobia to remember that racism and the xenophobia constitute serious violations to the human rights, and to urge to governments, employers and unions worldwide to that they promote the respect by the diversity and the multicultural interaction, to that the ethnic origin, the nationality or the color of the skin fight actively against the discrimination on the basis of, and to that they are still more alert in these times of crisis economic world-wide that on the matter generates broth of culture for extreme and limitless expressions of racism and social exclusion as well as a greater social tolerance. .

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Astronmica Grouping

The partial sun eclipse began when the shadow cone projected by the Moon reached the Earth surface in Algeria, towards 06H40 GMT, went moving quickly towards the east. This Tuesday 4 of Europe January partial eclipse was in theater box to observe 1er to pave of the 2011, nevertheless, climatic conditions, a sky completely storm cloud, prevented to most of appreciate the phenomenon in the Old Continent. Reason why in Paris, London and Rome, one it thickens cloud layer prevented to see the spectacle with clarity. Visit baby clothes for more clarity on the issue. Saw who it in Paris, the partial eclipse reached its maximum point shortly after 08H00 GMT, when it hides two third parts of the solar star, in the French capital the clouds prevented the visibility, more in Bordeaux to the southwest of France, in the south of Spain and Israel, the cloudless sky offered a spectacle. of the situation. If peninsular one could be seen in Cairo and some zones of the coast this where the clouds gave a truce, the Astronmica Grouping has informed into Barcelona, where the moon it hid 60% of the sun. In Germany, in the south and the west of the country it was only seen fullness, through holes between clouds, in the east and the north the thick cloudiness impedi to observe it completely. In that country Henning Krause located in the valley of the Ruhr comments: ” In the end I have seen the eclipse through a small hole in clouds over Colony, but foto” was not sufficient to take one;.

it could appreciate in its fullness to the north of Sweden and Norway, where yes there was chance to watch the eclipse in its maximum expression in the zones that presented/displayed the cloudless sky and in that it was observed how the moon got to cover 90% with the star king, having left to shine solely a fine line with form of average moon. So the inhabitants of the northeast of Sweden ran into with luck to observe the eclipse in their maximum degree, towards 08H50 GMT, near the city of Skelleftea, to about 200 km to the south of the Arctic Circle. The Moon hid then near a 90% of the surface of the Sun. The phenomenon was visible from central Russia, Kazajistn, Mongolia and the northwest of China, zones of the world where its appearance corresponded to the Sun putting and where the dark was less important. The eclipse finalized when the penumbra of the Moon moved away of the Earth, towards 11H00 GMT. Reason why at least in spite of all the cloudiness and with the necessary ocular protection, the unusual visitor could be seen in several places like Spain and Bulgaria, Poland and Belgium, Sweden and Norway, besides other points of the European continent where the sky partially was cleared. Four partial solar eclipses and two total lunar eclipses will be observed in this a 2011, rare combination that one will only take place six times during the 21st century. The next partial solar eclipse will be appraised the 1 of June and will be visible from the east of Siberia, the north of China, Alaska and the north of Canada.

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