– In trillions of 12 dollars Month of verification Divides at the hands of the public Divides governmental Inter Debt publishes total Gross domestic product 2008 /1999 73.81% 113.24% 87.90% Subject forecast the rectification. Note: Data worked for the author. Although the cost of financing of the public debt to be low, the relation divides – the GIP reached 72.6% in September of 2008, a superior growth the 15 percentile points since 2001. With the aggravation of the financial crisis and the deepening of the contraction it is possible that at the beginning of 2010 this relation it can be still bigger. Unemployment it can be seen in Graph 3, having reached 8,1% in February of 2009. Graph 3 – Losses of job in recent contractions in U.S.A. Health of the financial system – the situation of the American economy can still more be serious. Beyond the misalignments cited, according to Roubini 1, has estimates that the total damage of the American financial system is of order US$ 3,6 trillions.

If these estimates will be correct would be the confirmation that has a sistmica banking crisis, therefore the value of the losses would be superior to the sum of capital and of the reserves, in other words, the American financial system would be insolvent. But, not yet it is possible to affirm as it is the health of the banking system in the Europe. Some banks did not come fulfilling the terms of the agreement of Basilia II. The investment banks alavancaram its operations, in some cases, more than 25 or 35 times the value of its capital and reserves. It has notice that some ' ' universal banks' ' Europeans and Americans were alavancados in more than 60 times, however, he is impossible to confirm which the real levels, in result of difficulties techniques to get them in the rockings, what already it is, of per itself, a serious problem.