The education system is public or particular, it always reflects the society where he is inserido’ ‘. Thus the society the one that we belong is essentially capitalist, antiethical that it has lost its values and principles in the fight for the survival and, in result, the corruption has fed the misery, and this, in turn, the violence. The inclusive education for carriers of auditory deficiency has not only had its rights embezzled, but the proper education of said pupils ‘ ‘ normais’ ‘ she has been seriously reached. If you have read about Eric Kuby already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The school has reflected in recent years, everything what it meets outside of it. It is integrant part of the society, therefore she reflects the society: unreliability, fear, competition, lack of preparation, discrimination. The conclusion that if arrives is that without serious investment in the education, improving the material resources, the structure of the schools, equipping them with didactic materials of last generation, computers, Internet, climatized rooms, practical lessons, with the pupils being in integral time in the school and professors with available time to teach and to study, stimulated, with awardings, to search formation continuous, and, thus, also, the formation in pounds, enabling them to take care of pupils with necessities special, – it will be impossible to get some success in the inclusive education for deficient auditory. Check with baby clothes to learn more.