Flexibility and good customer service speak for apenio of atacama Bremen, 07.08.2012 – geriatric patients provide the treating facilities with special challenges. Which need to meet specialized providers such as the Evangelical Center for age medicine Potsdam to a large extent, as nursing Director Erika Lehmann explained: our patients are usually multi-morbid, we must so treat several diseases at the same time. The meaningful recognition of the phenomena and a definition of nursing measures’re a challenge.” The House near the Castle Sanssouci has 100 inpatient beds and 20 in the day clinic and provides more than 2,000 patients. The nursing staff of the Evangelical Center for age medicine Potsdam since April 2012 digital care planning and documentation of the Bremen IT service provider apenio atacama supports. With the system, we want to ensure a complete and thorough documentation of care which cannot be altered without detection.

Beyond the digitization of the care is an important step towards the paperless hospital,”Erika Lehmann runs. In addition to the complete documentation, the system needed to guarantee especially the automatic acquisition of the overhead for the highly complex care of patients, which is pictured in the maintenance complex measures score (BAULOGIS), as well as the integration of nursing staff regulation (PPR). All of these requirements has atacama meets with apenio and this proved very adaptable to our special circumstances. The solution convinced us then when visiting another specialist hospital, where we have received only positive feedback from system and provider”, Dariusz Jakubowski looks back from the IT management of the Center for old age medicine. With the openness for our suggestions and wishes, as well as a competent application consultancy has atacama contributed greatly to the smooth success of digitization. So we could introduce apenio quickly and our interdisciplinary approach meet, by we include all occupational groups, without neglecting our daily nursing and administrative activities. There were problems, but once has always been the support to the site and helped us quickly.” In the Evangelical Center for age medicine Potsdam is apenio as also in the hospital information system (his) CLINIXX AMC integrated into other houses.

Patient master data, diagnoses and care-relevant procedures be exchanged via an HL7 interface. While the digital care planning and documentation so deeply in the KIS is integrated that users can invoke both systems under the same interface and use. This reduces the time spent on training and supports effective workflows on the stations”says Jakubowski. Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well. Atacama Software GmbH which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in the statutory health insurance (GKV) health sector with innovative standard software solutions as well as with service providers. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management. The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. Knowledge-based software solutions are successfully used for care planning and documentation of apenio and apenio LZ in numerous hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama.