To bathe in the swimming pool increases the risk of undergoing irritativas conjuntivitis. The exhibition to ventilators and conditioned air elevates the sensation of dry eye. The experts recommend not to share towel to avoid contagions, to use glasses of swimming and sun glasses with filter UV that cover the eye. The summer high temperatures invite to refresh in the swimming pools. Nevertheless, the heat and the chemical substances that are used to higienizar the water of these facilities are the causes of many of the irritativas, viral or bacterial conjuntivitis that we suffered habitually in these dates. The red eyes, the irritation, the sensation of strange body, the lagrimeo or hypersensitivity to the light are some of the symptoms that alert of the presence of these ocular infections. The irritativas conjuntivitis, often, are caused by the excess of chlorination, the presence of other chemical substances in the water or by the prolonged exhibitions to the sun. Hygienic measures doctor Fernando Llovet, Medical Director of Bavaria Clinic, remembers to us that ” we must to carry far the hygienic measures, not to share towel to avoid contagions, to accustom us to the swimming glasses and to use dark sun glasses with filter UV and that cover the eye completely “.

The users of contact lenses are one of the groups most prone to contract ocular infections in the swimming pools. ” He is not nothing recommendable, but when a person who uses contact lenses decides to bathe with them, he must carry far the precautions. The best thing is to use glasses to swim and to dive and thus to avoid the direct bonding with agua” , Llovet recommends. The conditioned air dry the eye On the other hand, in summer also is more common that the sensation of dry eye multiplies, especially in the people who are more prone to undergo this ailment. In buildings and vehicles, the conditioned air and the ventilators dry out the ocular surface. Therefore, the specialist of recommends the use of humidifiers and ophthalmological lubricants, that must be prescribed by a specialist.