Well, that social traffic? 1) Once a serious traffic does not get, you must first level up your account, to develop a "network", etc. 2) The effective work of several social sphere, even in the presence of overlying soft life, troublesome, and they need to engage seriously. 3) Choose any news social programs of general use (except for target highly specific), and Try to post there every day with news of your blog. The first days of hire, then start spitting at you, then take a face and thrown to the service. Therefore, to be "the guy", you should post and a fair share News from other sites. In fact, many do receive basic traffic with no news leading up to the home blog, but with my account … I honestly do not want to deal with this at all, I'd better write fast or smart people revere. 4) Traffic is not stable.

Good results only with news or post caught in the right time and place itself in your account kosmicheki pumped, and the "correct" phase of the moon, and the arrangement of furniture in your room by Feng Shui. On the same bookmarks, it is more stable, but at times less tangible. Oh, and do not forget to regularly throw the wood into the furnace! 5) The traffic than the target. Of course, to "bookmark" this is not true, there is this reverse order, I in general, with BobrDobr, long kept the average time of 28 minutes on the blog! The same does not apply to a narrowly thematic social sphere. But if you talk about the traffic from news sotsialok 'public', it is mostly empty. Again, going back to my own experience, there were days when I got 100% failure rate … 6) Items 4 and 5, definitely not into the hands of young Moneymaker, it is also not a gud -). 7) The result of less predictable, not always guess what shoot (although this is partly true and search traffic).

Spoon of honey: And maybe two or all three, because not all awful in fact. On social sphere, too, can work with the head, consequently benefit from. Besides, sometimes it can be obtained quickly. A good search engine traffic – the inheritance of qualitative development of blogs, if before this far, why not play the game Veb2nolnye. And finally, the most important thing. I do not agree with bloggers who ignore search engine traffic. It plays an important role in the life of my blog, but, and they do not live in one. As I wrote at the beginning – one married to another regularly jog -). Because black and white representation of the world is not right. Where can I I do optimization for keywords – this is usually posts dedicated to a particular object or phenomenon, in general, where it is correct and appropriate. If my post on a lengthy subject, of course, neither of which speech is not search engine optimization. Social traffic trying to get me too regularly, sometimes goes successful, sometimes not, but I do not get hung up on this. I just love him less -). Another read: Blogun against J2J Create a blog