A further milestone in the daily new registrations has been reached Berlin 26.11.08 – on Tuesday. Sexpartnerclub.de is a meeting place for over 150,000 members, who are looking for a non-erotic meeting. The role as a dating portal of the direct way is reflected in the success of the page. A growing number of members on more than 200,000 is expected by the end of the year. This is absolute madness, what happens here! The current hype surrounding our community is so great that we had to respond in all areas. So have we must provide not only more personnel, but had to quickly expand our server capacity. Otherwise we would not meet the high standard of service and quality. If that continues, then we are welcome at the end of this year Member our 200 000tes.

That outcome would be an excellent after only 14 months since.” Andreas Hoogendijk CEO digital performance GmbH is the probably most promising Sexpartnerclub.de Newcomer of the year 2008 in the area of Erotikdating. “This fact is the profit of the WIBA Award 2008 in the category best dating Portal”, the community could prevail in against top-class and larger communities. The site is very popular not only among users, but due to the good earning potential with the webmasters. Thus will also record numbers on the applications for the partner program (info:) listed. This is a very good conversion rate. Www.sexpartnerclub.de is marketed by digital performance GmbH.