A nationwide network of IT service provides for an optimal operation of the EDP Hel lot Office CRM WWi is a sophisticated ERP which is used nationwide for quite some time. The IT-service-NET, as a nationwide service organization with over fifty sites supported from the materials management solution for the trade and industry called Office CRM WWi 2010. The service availability to customers of this solution is optimized with this newfound strategic partnership. Behind Office CRM WWi 2010 Lothar Hellwig stands with his company Hel lot CRM. Lothar Hellwig is an experienced IT consultant specializing in CRM, Office Organization and inventory management.

According to a joint analysis of the communication channels of the customers, the company develops common program functionality which simplify the daily work. Hellwig used a database system of the company orgAnice GmbH and tools such as Microsoft VB, VBA and VB.Net on the implementation. Customer needs are paramount, for the owners, under the motto “is not there” not”. The solution supports the user in its routine work in acquisition, selling, ordering, inventory maintenance and control additional work. The multitude of functions allow the user to already scarce time focused on the essentials. There is a tool at any time providing the desired information on daily sales, open orders and residues, sold quantities, sales, inventories, and much more. Users use Office CRM as a comfortable, easy-to-use tool.

As reported by Lothar Hellwig, Managing Director of the company, the solution is customizable, additional modules are possible. Test system in real mode by appointment the Office CRM specialists carry out, directly at the potential customer’s site, or a Web presentation online at the customer screen. Test installations complete the decision stage and leaving room for a test run in the environment the customers. To make a first impression to win, over the performance of the demo version is available on the website of the manufacturer for downloading (www.hellot.de), after registration via the contact form (www.hellot.de/ support.htm) ready. Quick solution from a single source without the smooth functioning of the operation will be blocked. However, there are situations where even the best product manager phone cannot support. Here the nationwide IT-service-net attacks recently: in cooperation with Office CRM helps the network partner on the spot if the hardware fails, the Internet connection blocked or is simply the memory capacity at its borders. The times, in which the user different had to consult technicians, are over – no matter whether it’s printer, copier or network. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Scott Mead. A first aid provides the network with its prior place partners, which can be found under the by entering the zip code. As a result of the growing interest in solutions locally, the network strengthened its ranks. Interested parties are informed and trained systematically, to a partner before Place to provide optimum support for SMEs and thus to create a tight-knit service network.