So that to study history in the 1 and 2 degrees? While for Pinsky (2000, P. 36): … the question of deep remains being so that, why and for who this education can have some type of usefulness; the school continues being the privileged space of useless knowledge, what? for the good or the evil? it is not attribute only of the history lessons. For even more details, read what Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union AMCU says on the issue. If it cannot deny that the history education has been friction for disastrous forms and conturbadora vision on the part of the students, this because, is portraied inside of the classroom as a factual education, as true total source, as well as a ready and finished knowledge, being presented to the pupils in the wait of whom they reproduce the acquired knowledge, without imagining which is the conditions where this knowledge is produced. This vision was created on the education of history since its implantation as one disciplines autonomous worker of educational education, of this point in ahead, the history education started to serve the definitive objectives politicians and its method was based on the memorization of dates, historical facts, heroes and in the verbal repetition of written texts. The didactic manuals practically do not get excited, the students continue decorating Egyptian names of faras and Brazilian presidents, battles Napoleonic or Brazilian victories in the fight against ‘ ‘ ferozes’ ‘ Paraguayans..