To sensetize all involved in the reduction of the behavior bullying is essential, since the phenomenon is complex and of difficult identification, mainly for disclosing itself in subtle, implicit way, and with imposition of silence. The intervention must be initiated for the qualification of professionals of the education, so that they know to currently identify and to know the available strategies and prevention. Fante (2005) cites its program ' ' To educate for the Paz' ' , that it has the objective to show strategies and to act in the intervention and prevention, adopting human values. Baby clothes contains valuable tech resources. In accordance with the author, first the awareness and commitment of all are necessary the pertaining to school community, so that these reflect on the diverse forms of pertaining to school violence. It is suggested election of a commission, the coordinator and tutor of the program.

It is necessary to investigate the pertaining to school reality by means of comment, notations, spreading of pointers, exposition in days on violence, to be able to modify the pertaining to school reality with strategies of intervention and prevention, measures of supervision and comment of the solidary pupils, service of denunciation, weekly meeting for evaluation and quarrel on the course of the work, the execution of works that involve the subjects pertaining to school life and familiar life, personal interviews and in groups with victims and aggressors. They are of basic importance the orientaes on familiar convivncia. After a period of these activities, interesting that, beyond the constant inquiry on the pertaining to school reality, that if presents to the conquered evolution, so that the program is coats and is kept. Cavalcante suggests, to inhibit bullying, the clarification of what it is this behavior, to inform that the practical one is not tolerated, to talk with the pupils, and to listen to its suggestions or claims, to stimulate the students to inform the cases, to recognize and to value the attitudes in the combat to the problem, to identify to possible aggressors and victims and to follow its development, to intervene directly with the groups, how much before, to break the dynamics of bullying, to give attention in most shy and been silent, therefore generally the victims if retract, to carry through dynamic between the pupils, stimulating the good relationship.